Doofus Of The Day #766

Today’s award goes to an unnamed deputy sheriff in Davis County, Utah.

A Federal Audit was recently conducted, as per the terms to The Department of Defense Excess Property Program, and the Davis County Sheriff’s Office was missing an M-16 that they were given in 1998.

. . .

According to KSL, [in 2006] a deputy checked one of the M16s out for training exercises with the county SWAT team … According to a statement released by the Sheriff’s Office, “During the investigation, partially because there was a lack of paperwork and partially because of human error, the employee never heard about an investigation into a missing M-16 rifle. It wasn’t until he was reading in the newspapers that DCSO had a missing assault rifle that his memory was sparked, he went to his gun safe to check, then made the call to his superior.” The statement continued, “His employment never ceased and the gun was never on the streets being used for criminal purposes. He simply forgot it was there.”

The Sheriff’s office had no idea that this M-16 was missing until the 2013 federal audit.

There’s more at the link.

So a deputy sheriff gets to keep a full-auto assault rifle in his safe for eight years, and nothing happens beyond an administrative slap on the wrist.  Guess what would happen to you or I if we were found to have a US Government property full-auto assault rifle in our gun safe?  What was that about “one law for the rich and another for the poor“?



  1. He must have a gun safe full of M-16s to have forgot where one came from. They may want to do an audit on his collection (as they do to civilians) to find out where the others came from.

  2. Pity there's no odometer to find out how many rounds went through it in the eight years he didn't know it was in his safe.

  3. Of course, he was deployed twice for several years immediately after checking it out. I can see where he would forget it, out of all the other tasks getting his household in order to be gone for several years. Then too, he notified them, and they were clueless about where it was.

  4. Not even the rich and poor, but the connected and the not connected. The class warfare at work here is not the rich class and poor class but the political classes and "Them" So long as we are of "Them" we're subject to the fullest penalties of the law, wheras the political class is capable of making "Honest mistakes that should not end their careers". Sorry. We established this nation to be a nation of the Rule of Law, and that Rule of Law needs to be applied equally. it is the only kind of equality that makes any difference.

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