Doofus Of The Day #768

Today’s award is made courtesy of the lovely Phlegm, who put up this video clip on her blog the other day.  It’s self-explanatory.  The comments from onlookers are priceless.

Thirteen men versus the machine . . . and the machine nearly won!



  1. Comical as it was, the actions taken were more or less appropriate to attain the desired objective.

    You have to get the blades to turn so the handle/engine/controls do not. The water was to lubricate the mud (concrete for you construction neophytes) and the 2×4 and plastic sheeting were used to restrict the rotation of the handle/engine/control assembly, causing the blades to break loose.

    The movement of the machine into the opening was likely an unintended
    consequence but if they did have to let it run out of gas, it wasn't going to dig into the slab and they could get to work finishing the slab where the machine was.

    The guys standing around knew that jumping on the machine was an exercise in stupidity, something the retards taping the event did not.

    I'm guessing the cinematographers don't work around equipment, they probably sit in a cubicle or are students.

    Kind of funny to watch though, not losing control of the finishing machine should be a primary objective.

  2. No Doofi that I see in that clip. Having spent a lot of time on construction sites (I'm a Civil Engineer), what they was sensible. Someone must have started the thing with no one holding the grips.

    FYI, that tool is called a power trowel.

  3. I would have wedged the long board in the corner and then raised the end till it caught. Leverage would have been closer to on ones side, as it where.

  4. Funny, but not too bad. Nobody risked getting hurt, thank goodness.

    Actually, when they got the tarp on it, they had to finish the job – they couldn't jut let it run out of gas. The engine wasn't getting cooling airflow, and would have seized up in a few minutes.

  5. It would have been more exciting if the tarp had contacted the exhaust and caught fire.

    I think everyone on the jobsite who actually was working for a living understood why just grabbing it was a bad idea.

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