Doofus Of The Day #815

Today’s award goes to a newly deceased criminal in Columbus, Ohio.

Police said a home intruder died at the Mount Carmel West after he was shot and killed by a homeowner.

Authorities said it happened on North Guilford Avenue in the Franklinton neighborhood.

Sgt. Dave Sicilian said the unidentified man broke into a back door, was chased by a person inside then jumped out of a second floor window, before crawling across the street and breaking into a second home.

. . .

The woman’s son said he bought her a handgun last week for self-defense.

There’s more at the link.

Y’know, he’d just been chased out of an upper window of one home, and he’d had to crawl across the street to get away (presumably because he’d been injured in the process). He then tried to break into a second home.  I’m thinking this guy was a statistic waiting to happen.  In this case, he happened.  Terminally.

(And I bet Mom was grateful to her son for his very timely gift!  I see cookies in his future . . . )


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