Doofus Of The Day #861

Today’s award goes to an aircraft tug operator in Mexico City.

An Interjet Sukhoi Superjet 100 hit an airbridge at Mexico City International airport on 25 October while being towed.

Photos posted on Twitter show damage to the aircraft’s nose after it was wedged under an airbridge.

There’s more at the link.

How, precisely, does one tow a bloody great airliner smack into the side of an airbridge?  It’s not as if either of them was too small to be noticed, is it?

As Miss D. said when she saw the picture, “That won’t buff out . . . “



  1. I looked at the wiki for this airliner. I like the seat setup which blocks squeeze over from those with a large posterior.

    Looks like a ding on the port engine nacelle as well.

  2. Thats going to be a major pain in the neck to repair. The shape and smoothness of the areas forward of the air sensors are critical for accurate airspeed and altitude sensing. Those areas are regularly inspected by laser topography to make sure the contours are within spec.

    Also judging by the photo the forward pressure bulkhead has been damaged. They will have to rebuild the cockpit section, probably changing out the windshield frames. It might be cheaper for them to un-mate the cockpit section from the forward fuselage and install a new one.


  3. Hey Peter;

    "Anonomous" is correct, the amount of sheet metal work that needs to be done is intensive..Depending on the carrier, they might write off the airplane, the repairs will cost more than the airplane is worth. They will have to "ferry flight" the plane to a maintenance facility and literally check everything. I'm not certain I would trust any "repairs".

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