Doofus Of The Day #862

Today’s award goes to a philandering Lothario in Turkey.

Locals in the Black Sea province of Ordu alerted police of a “would-be suicide bomber” on Saturday after noticing that a burka-clad “woman” talking on the phone at a bus stop was wearing men’s shoes, Dogan news agency said.

A police team arrived at the scene and “unmasked” the man, who was dressed in a full-length, Islamic-style black robe with a niqab – the head covering worn by many Muslim women – covering his face. Authorities detained him for “inflicting fear and panic in the public,” Dogan reported.

The 33-year-old man, who is married with two children, told police that he had resorted to the burka disguise in order to secretly meet a woman he had met on an online dating site for the first time.

There’s more at the link.

How dumb do you have to be to disguise yourself so ineptly in a region that’s already been hit by multiple suicide bombers, where people are hyper-vigilant for anything out of place that might suggest a disguise?



  1. "inflicting fear and panic in the public"

    Please don't let US officials hear about this. Think about it . . . under such an off-the-books statute, one that could not pass constitutional muster, none of us would ever be able to leave our homes.

  2. "Inciting fear and panic" sounds a lot like 'hooliganism' or 'public nuisance' – open ended things to be used to punish people who've made a nuisance of themselves but haven't quite broken any laws.

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