Doofus Of The Day #868

Today’s award goes to assorted moonbats in Bristol, England.  A tip o’ the hat to reader N. S. for sending me the link.

All the fish in a lake in Bristol are to be removed and destroyed in a bid to discourage fishing.

Last year, the local Neighbourhood Partnership voted to ban fishing at St George’s Park lake to stop wildlife being harmed by fishing line and hooks.

It has now approved an option proposed by Bristol City Council to destroy the fish rather than relocate them.

There’s more at the link.

So . . . first you ban fishing in the lake to stop wildlife being harmed . . . and now you’re going to kill those same wild critters . . . to discourage fishing.

Is it just me, or is the logic somewhere waaaaaay out in left field on this one?




  1. Liberals/progressives/eco-freaks are the new Puritans.

    The puritan hated bear baiting, not because it gave pain to the bear, but because it gave pleasure to the spectators. –Thomas Babington Macaulay

    We already know they'd rather let deer starve and die from disease than let hunters harvest them.

  2. Brits being Brits. These are the same folks who gave us The Tragedy Of The Commons, a fine treatise on why publicly available resources are best given to lords, and not to commoners.

  3. If killing all the fish causes the water to become unsafe for the "wildlife" (the furry kind that these idiots are worried about) to drink, I will laugh my ass off. Or not, but I will be very, very amused, regardless of whether my buttocks fall off as a consequence. Damn, will they ever reach rock bottom in the well of stupidity? Apparently not.

  4. Why can not the libturds catch all the fish and feed all the starving people in europe with them? But, just killing them and dumping them in the garbage? These fish could be used for fertilizer or some kind of food for farm animals.
    Fracken libturds!!

  5. You might want to check the political leaning of all the dofus' involved – Hint, they're all lefties (whilst Brighton is our, restrained, version of San Francisco, Bristol is trying hard to compete. And The 'Green' Party is strong in both areas and much like yours, or PETA, they end up killing and destroying more wildlife and habitat than they ever save).

    So for all those who've commented about “Brits being Brits”, you really want to go down that route? Shall we mention the Delta Smelt? Deer-hunting in certain western States? Almost everything done by every US authority on both coasts? The EPA, IRS, NOAA, …. Your 'President'?

    Yeh, thought not! 😉

    It's not a 'Brit' thing, it's a Lefty thing – Just sayin'

  6. It is not actually as lunatic as it sounds. The fish (almost certainly introduced carp) aren't the wildlife they are concerned about it. The swans, which are a heavily protected species, and the various ducks are the concern. Birds and fishing lines, along with hooks, are a very ugly mess.
    So, if the birds are the concern, which is what the article actually says, and people won't stop fishing; then getting rid of the fish makes sense.
    Trust me, a park pond like that? About as far from a natural ecosystem as you can get.

  7. Hahaha. Someone doesn't understand where fish come from.

    Migratory water birds carry fish eggs on their feet when they go from one lake to another. If any open body of water near there has fish, that lake will soon be totally restocked too.

  8. Acairfearann is correct. The logical thing to do would have been to catch the fish, perhaps by netting them. But the wildlife group doesn't want them fished, doesn't want them killed:

    "There are some fish that are very unwell in which case that's fair enough but our policy would be to relocate them and find them new homes."

    Homes. Sigh.

    Maybe this will teach them, though I doubt it.


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