Doofus Of The Day #870

Today’s award goes to an unnamed Polish cyclist.

CCTV video shows the 26-year-old cyclist going over the lowered barriers oblivious to the Pendolino locomotive, which can reach speeds of 180mph.

Just as his bike’s front wheel is about to touch the track the blue and white liveried train tears by, sending the cyclist spinning and tumbling through the air.

He lands in a crumpled heap by the side of the track some 12ft from the point of impact.

. . .

Despite being hit, he was fined £90 by police for ignoring the red light, and the lowered barriers, at the crossing. Blood tests showed he had not been drinking and was sober when hit by the train.

. . .

A photograph posted on, a Polish news website, also showed damage to the train, with a number of bars broken on a radiator grill.

There’s more at the link.  Here’s surveillance video of the incident.

What an absolute obliviot!  He didn’t even look!  I can’t understand why he didn’t hear the train, even if he didn’t see it;  but I suppose he might have had earbuds in his ears, listening to music, or something like that.  At any rate, he’s both the biggest idiot and the luckiest man to be alive that I’ve seen in quite some time . . .



  1. Here in CA, I expect bicyclists to be idiots until proven otherwise. No idea why such a high percentage of them are this way. Arrogance seems to be a factor. One would think that motorcyclists would be classed the same, but not even close. Fair amount of animosity between them, actually.

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