Doofus Of The Day #871

I’ve received this photograph via e-mail from three different sources.  I’ve no idea where it originated, but I daresay the driver qualifies as a Doofus (unless his brakes failed, or something like that).




  1. It is possible for this to be caused by mechanical failure. When I was a new firefighter, we had a similar incident happen at one of our stations. The truck involved was a reserve piece (meaning that it was an old truck that had been replaced, but we keep around as a spare, in the event that extra crews need to be brought in, or in case a front line truck is out for repairs)

    In the case of our truck, it was being put through its daily check out, which involves switching the transmission into PTO and placing it in drive. Apparently, the transmission PTO gear did not engage due to a mechanical fault, and when the truck was placed into drive, it rolled forward into the pond behind the station. This accident resulted in a new rule requiring all engines have their wheels chocked prior to activating the PTO to run the pump.

    In the case of the picture in your post, this happened in Ocala in 2007.

    In the case of that truck in Ocala, it was caused by a firefighter not setting the parking brake.

  2. It wasn't brake 'failure' because you have to set the parking brake on a big truck.
    Even of it's an automatic, they DON'T have 'Park'.
    That's what that big yellow button is for on the dash.

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