1. Holy… My question is "just how many pounds was that idiot using?!" On a different note, I did like how the sheriff emphasized that tannerite *is* perfectly legal. I got the impression that the reporter was of the opinion that that was insane. "…Best case, annoy your neighbors." Uh, no. Best case, no one gets hurt or annoyed, and a target safely goes "boom!" y'know? ("Safely being a relative term) Back on track, this guy and his friends are all excellent candidates for a Darwin Award. Wow.

  2. I suppose he has learned a lesson he sadly will never forget. T stand only 43 feet from, what was it, 3 pounds of Tanerite, even when not stuffed into a shrapnel factory, is totally irresponsible. Hopefully others will see it and learn the lesson without having to live through it.

    There was one other doofus of the day, the reporter. While I can understand how such loud booms could annoy some folks, to have said that in the best case scenario you would annoy your neighbors with Tannerite is ludicrous. Many people use Tannerite responsibly. In addition, I know of some folks who set it off and their neighbors love it so much they join in for the fun. To see the use of Tannerite as at best having negative effects is typical of the anti-gun mud slinging media at their best (or would that be worst).

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  3. Actually, there were multiple doofuses (doofi?) there. The camera operator was just as stupid, although I wonder if this was their first time setting Tannerite off? But then how many people playing with that stuff haven't seen the thousands of videos on FB?

    I remember my jaw bouncing off the floor when he moved closer to the thing after the first few rounds. Just could not believe he was being that stupid.

  4. To paraphrase Ron White, it is not that there is an explosion, it's what the explosion is flinging in your direction.

    When I was kid, a much older neighbor boy blew his thumb off by pouring the powder our of a shotgun shell on to a small fire one 4th of July. Fun and sparkly no doubt until the fire ran up the stream and ignited what was left in the shell that was in his hand.

  5. Something I heard a lot when working with door charges was "if you can see the charge the charge can see you". A buddy of mine forgot that one time and had a chunk of door jamb come back and whack him in the hand.

  6. Some idiot near me just used a LOT of tannerite to try to blowup a beaver dam. In a fairly rural area. The three surrounding towns basically all called 911 at once when the explosion went off…..

  7. I've never shot at a tannerite target and don't care to, but it's idiots like this who will get it banned.

  8. The small Tannerite targets that are meant for plinking are safe enough. Setting off pounds of the stuff is not swift.

  9. Got a friend with a really big piece of orange grove down here if Fl. He has his own range on it. I saw a video he did where he put a five-pound charge of Tannerite in a piece of four-foot diameter culvert. That stuff has a wall thickness of about four-inches and is re-enforced concrete.
    Anyhow he got about 100 yards back and popped it. Pieces of the culvert flew over his two-story house and landed in the road that is about a quarter mile out from the property. Biggest pieces he found were about four-inch chunks.
    Me I don't go over a couple of ounces were I play with it…

  10. Holy crap! I just watched some of the FPSRussia videos. There's a guy who doesn't seem able to learn from mistakes. Multiple videos where he has large pieces of his target vehicles blowing past him. He's a lucky guy. The lawnmower guy, not so much.

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