Doofus Of The Day #919

A tip o’ the hat to reader Mike T. for sending me the link to this story.

Friday evening, a man reportedly came home to find people inside his townhouse on Garden District Drive, in the middle of a burglary. He was able to back out of his home, without them noticing he was there, and call 911, according to officers.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police arrived while the two were still in the house and arrested them.

Without knowing that police were still inside the townhouse investigating the break-in, three more people returned to try to break into the home about two hours later. Officers said the three tried to run away, but were quickly apprehended.

There’s more at the link.

How, precisely, can one not be aware that there are people in a house – even if you don’t know they’re cops?  Lights would be on, voices would doubtless be heard, there would be vehicles outside (possibly including a marked police unit, in this instance), and so on.  Just how deaf, dumb and blind (or stoned) do you have to be not to notice those things?



  1. Peter, there was an incident some years back where a would-be armed robber had to detour around the marked police car parked in front of the gun store he planned to hold up. He was removed from the gene pool for exactly the same sort of failure to mind his surroundings.

  2. Rusty,

    and he ignored the deputy standing at the side of the sales counter. The clerk took him out with a 10mm (Colt, I think). What caught his attention was the robber walked in with neon green ear plugs visible in his ears. The deputy got off one shot from his newly issued Glock, which he jammed by using a two-handed revolver hold. Oregon, or maybe Washington. I'm pretty sure Ayoob did an article on it.

  3. I think I can beat that story:

    A couple of years ago I was part of a team of officers who went on a drugs raid at a well known local drugs den.

    We force entry, secure the suspects and get down to searching (I'm the youngest in service so I get overflowing waste bin in the kitchen. Before I got assigned to search the bathroom I was saved by a loud knock on the door…

    A long in the tooth cynical old detective sergeant answered the door. The male stood in front of him asks: "is this the crack house?"

    The sergeant surveys the scene, taking in the 4 marked vehicles, the dozen or so officers in the front room and outside and the detained suspects in handcuffs sat on the floor.

    He says to the male: "Are you f*****g joking?" And the reply is…

    "No. I only came here to buy crack. I've brought some stolen jewellery to trade".

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