Doofus Of The Day #920

It seems a motorist drove over a Black Lives Matter demonstrator last night, by accident rather than design (according to police).  Screaming and gunfire followed.

As one commentator noted:

Cue the “Oh My God” at least 21 time which I haven’t heard that many Oh My Gods in a row since my wedding night.

Let’s see, now.  You’re trying to block a public road . . . at night . . . and you’re black . . . and dressed in dark clothing . . . just what the hell do you expect?  I’m not surprised the driver didn’t see the victim in time to stop.  In fact, if I’d been driving, and I’d seen someone jump out from the kerb in an attempt to block my passage, I’d have automatically assumed it was a mugging or carjacking attempt, and deliberately driven over the person.  You just don’t do that sort of thing.  No sane person does!

Seems to me Black Lives Matter protesters had better start thinking about their tactics, otherwise they’ll incur even more such casualties.  Surely they should be taking better care of their own lives?  As for the shooting following the accident . . . don’t try that sort of criminal conduct around here, BLM.  If you do, there are more than enough lawfully armed citizens in this neck of the woods to do something very effective about it.



  1. Did anyone catch that NOW they were complaining that the cops were just sitting there doing nothing , which is what they asked for .

  2. Those shots came pretty quickly. Lotta folks there carrying. How many had permits?

    Frankly I'm of the opinion that this is the appropriate response when people are intentionally blocking traffic. We've had this kind of BS in LA during the illegal alien protests, and I was in favor of the police gunning the people down and dragging the bodies to the side of the road.

  3. "No sane person does!" Peter, you nailed the problem right there with that statement. I would add the word 'thinking' to your statement. If you are a sane, thinking person over the age of, I-don't-know, 6…7 you would know not to do something as stupid as being out in the middle of a street, at night, wearing dark clothing.

  4. I have to wonder – were there some "community organizers" behind this, trying to create some fresh new martyrs for the movement who aren't felons struggling with the police at the time of their demise?

  5. A somewhat relevant, somewhat humorous anecdote:

    Many moons ago, I was driving across Australia's Nullarbor plain, at night, heading home from the Australian Grand Prix in Adelaide. The Nullarbor is largely uninhabited, and there is ONE mostly unlit road going 1600+ km east to west from Port Augusta in South Australia to Norseman in Western Australia. Until recently, you stopped at every fuel stop, as they were spaced about one fuel-tank-full apart.

    In the middle of nowhere near Yalata, the driving lights picked out a group of people standing on or near the road, and carrying weapons. Spears, clubs, and such were easily visible – guns not so much.

    I went through that group at VERY high speed (180+ kph) – there was NO WAY that I was even going to THINK about slowing down, let alone stopping.

    When I told the story to the attendant at the next fuel stop, he laughed and said that what I had seen was a group of indigenous artists from a nearby township that gather to sell stuff to passengers on the tourist coaches that come through at night. "Stuff" including spears, woomeras, boomerangs, clapping sticks, bark paintings etc.

    Apparently the wall of lights on the front of my car led them to think that the Greyhound bus was coming, and they expected me to stop.

    I wouldn't have stopped even if I had hit someone.

  6. Just curious, how many BLM stooges have been hit by vehicles during their traffic-blocking exercises, any clue? And in Furguson, no less. That driver should have been smart enough to keep going, so who fired the shots? I'm guessing one of the Special Snowflakes, in their outrage for being ignored….

  7. Pretty simple cure to this: When someone, or a "lot of someones," conspire to block thoroughfares, depress the pedal on the right. It take take several applications, but such therapy will eventually have a prophylactic effect on self-propelled bipedal roadway obstructions. I would suggest, however, that vehicle operators include in their roadside service kit a suitable device for expelling a sufficient number of projectiles as to provide adequate diversion and amusement while waiting for AAA to arrive and remove "Sam The Speed Bump" from the vehicle's undercarriage should drive train entanglement occur.

    Can't remember where it was, but a month or two ago a photo circulated on the 'net showing an assemblage of BLM groupies positioned across the 6 lanes of a major in-city highway someplace facing a gaggle of stationary police vehicles and the predictable mile-long traffic backup behind them.

    I did not note which brand of vehicle the police cars were, but I should have; apparently all of those vehicles suffered simultaneous failure of the accelerator controls, and I would have no interested in purchasing a vehicle make so susceptible to mechanical infirmity.

    Should tolerance of such government-assisted frivolities persist I can foresee a bump in the sale of heavy duty brush guards for the front of vehicles. Perhaps Ford, Chevy, Dodge and Toyota should consider adding cow catchers to their list of 4-wheel-drive vehicle options.

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