Doofus Of The Day #924

Today’s award goes to a dental patient in Ohio.

A New Carlisle, Ohio man is recovering after accidentally shooting himself during a dentist’s appointment.

72-year-old James White was under nitrous oxide at New Carlisle Dental Group when he thought he heard his phone ring, went to grab it, but accidentally grabbed his pistol and fired the weapon, sending a bullet through his hand and grazing his stomach.

No one else was injured in the incident.

“If you’re going to be put under nitrous, then you think twice about taking your gun into the dental office,” said a neighbor who lives near the dentist office.

There’s more at the link.

Nitrous oxide is more commonly known as ‘laughing gas’.  I bet no-one in that office was laughing!



  1. *facepalm* If you having anything done that is going to futz with your judgment and reflexes, why are you carrying?


  2. Forget the nitrous and simply be an adult. Nitrous oxide is what dentists use when they "cater to cowards." One Dentist I went to used it on all his patients. I had a to have a tooth extracted when I was very small because it came in wrong. My uncle told me I was going to be a "jet pilot." Yeah right. But I don't remember the extraction. As an adult I put a stop to it as it did nothing for me except waste time.

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