Doofus Of The Day #928

Today’s award goes to a particularly dumb terrorist in Syria.

A video has surfaced online purportedly showing eight Syrian rebels accidentally triggering a bomb while taking a selfie.

The men, reportedly members of the Free Syrian Army, are seen gathered around a camera with rifles visible, recording what’s thought to be a propaganda video.

One of the men to the left holds a cellphone in the air to take a selfie.

As the camera clicks, however, it seems the phone is apparently rigged to an improvised explosive device in the room causing an explosion, according to Funker530, the website which originally uploaded the video.

There’s more at the link.  Here’s the video.

That’s entirely feasible.  Several suicide bombers have been encountered wearing explosive vests that could be detonated remotely by cellphone signal (presumably in case the wearers changed their minds).  If such a vest was in the room, and its pre-programmed signal for detonation was activated on the same circuit used by the phone’s camera when its shutter was pressed . . .  Oops!



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