Doofus Of The Day #929

Today’s award goes to MSNBC presenter Christopher Hayes, for this tweet concerning the terrorist incidents over the weekend in New Jersey and New York City:

Really?  Really?  Is Mr. Hayes seriously suggesting that guns are more deadly than bombs???

Mr. Hayes, I’ve been shot.  I have the scars to prove it.  I’ve also been far too close to explosives on more than one occasion, both terrorist bombs and military artillery, missiles, mortars and rockets.  I’ve had to assist the casualties caused by both guns and bombs, and clean up the remains of those who didn’t make it.  I can assure you, bombs and other explosive devices are a darned sight more deadly, and more indiscriminate in their violence, than any firearm.  There’s a reason why Josef Stalin referred to artillery as “The God of War”.  Bombs are its equivalent when it comes to urban terrorism.

As PJ Media pointed out:

Only in the ideologically diseased mind of a progressive could getting blown up be perceived as “lucky.” They’re so knee-jerk in their irrational hatred of guns that they can’t resist getting in a dig about just how scary they are, even when that dig is patently insane to any observer with an IQ over 17.

Arrant stupidity, personified!



  1. A terrorist using a Fire arm and left undisturbed by other people with firearms can cause more deaths than with a bomb, under certain circumstances. Look at Anders Breivik in Norway some years ago. If memory serves his huge bomb caused seven deaths, while his shooting activities caused around seventy deaths. A bomb is impossible to defend against, once it goes off the damage is done.
    A terrorist with a gun is possible to defend against, but if he acts in a place where people are denied the ability to self defense he can cause far more damage than a portable bomb can. When he starts shooting the carnage starts and it doesn't stop until he is killed or get bored.

  2. Hayes has a point, but only in the sense that the learning curve on effective explosives use appears to be higher than with firearms. A fairly inept person can still manage to cause lots of deaths with a gun or driving a truck into a crowd, whereas an inept person with explosives seems more likely to blow themselves up or end up with a dud.

  3. This libturd needs some firing done to him.
    Not the type that ends his job the real type of firing. (the type used in pottery)

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