Doofus Of The Day #935

Courtesy of a link provided by Australian reader Snoggeramus, today’s award goes to the careless driver of a pickup in Toowoomba.

There was a bad case of the runs near Toowoomba on Wednesday morning when a truck carrying 27 tonnes of human waste lost its load after the driver was allegedly forced to brake to avoid a collision.

The Arkwood Organic Recycling truck was on Crowley Vale Road off the Warrego Highway at Crowley Vale, 45 kilometres east of Toowoomba, when the driver is believed to have swerved and applied the brakes to avoid a merging car.

Two tonnes of the waste pulled through the load’s tarpaulin cover and ended up on the road just after 8am.

Arkwood Organic Recycling co-director Elissa Clarke said “it’s like carting a fish bowl” and the sudden braking had forced the waste to spill through the cover.

She also had a message for other drivers.

“Tell people not to pull out in front of trucks, because you don’t know what they’re carrying,” she said.

There’s more at the link.  Here’s how it went down (you should pardon the expression).

To my Australian friends:  it’s Thanksgiving in the USA today, so I’m starting the day by being very thankful I wasn’t within the smell radius of that one!



  1. There's a couple of doofuses (doofi?) in this story – the pickup driver of course, but who fills an open-top trailer on a moving vehicle with 27 tons of semi-liquid thinking it wouldn't slosh should this exact thing happen?

  2. Do they not have septic systems there or something? Or tankers?

    We used to farm land that had biosolids spread as fertilizer on it. Did you know tomato seeds travel through the human digestion system ( as well as the waste treatment plant processing) unharmed?

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