Doofus Of The Day #938

Today’s winner is a hapless thief in Brazil.

A suspect accused of robbing a jewellery shop didn’t want to hang around waiting for his day in court and decided to try and make a run from his cell.

But his attempt spectacularly failed when he stripped down to just his pants in a bizarre bid to escape through the tiny food hatch.

. . .

He was eventually freed when firemen cut him out with power tools.

The man still faces court for the original theft although it is not clear whether the attempted escape has been added to his charge list.

There’s more at the link.

His antics – or, rather, their aftermath – were captured on video.

I’ve worked in places like that.  Those hatches are made deliberately small, to prevent that sort of thing.  I’m surprised he made it as far out as he did.  Either he’s a very small man, or Brazilian prison door hatches are larger than those I’ve seen here.

Oh, well . . . look on the bright side.  He’ll have plenty of time to hatch another escape plan now!



  1. Normally, males have slimmer hips than shoulders/chest. I'm thinking that the Brazilian body shape so immortalized by their fabulous looking women also is reflected somewhat in their men, judging by this situation.

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