Doofus Of The Day #957

Today’s award goes to a hapless addict in Ohio.

Police say an Ohio man called 911 to request a police dog to help track down heroin allegedly stolen from him.

. . .

When the call operator asks why the caller needs a police dog, he replies that a female stole heroin from him.

Bath Police Chief Mike McNeely says it’s among the most bizarre things he’s heard in four decades of policing.

There’s more at the link.

The same individual is accused of peeing on a police officer at Disney World in Florida last January.  I guess it goes to show . . . do enough drugs, and you can’t think or act straight any longer, even when you’re not high.  I saw that often enough in my work as a prison chaplain.  Those who’d consumed enough cocaine, or PCP, or other nasty stuff, never got over it.  Their brains were more or less fried for the rest of their lives.  In this case, a young man appears to have become a perpetual doofus as a result . . .


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