Doofus Of The Day #964

Today’s award goes to an overenthusiastic tank driver in Belarus.

The city of Minsk — the capital of the Russia-aligned state of Belarus — was today preparing for an upcoming military parade.

Columns of military vehicles had taken up position and were practising rolling through the city’s street.

But one tank seems to have been somewhat out-of-place and behind in time.

So the driver poured on the gas and the tracked vehicle leapt down the slick, wet road in the city’s centre.

Social media posts of video and pictures show what happened next.

Hitting the brakes had little effect in slowing the 60-ton beast.

The heavy tank skidded, went sideways — and then demolished a streetside light pole.

Not to mention gouge up the pavement and gutter of the median strip.

There’s more at the link.  A tip o’ the hat to Australian reader Snoggeramus for sending it to me.

Here’s footage of the accident.

That’ll probably buff out of the tank . . . but I’m not so sure about the light post, the median strip or the road surface!



  1. Reminds me of a 24th Div M-48 driving into a small German town in 1961, Icy roads, a small hill down into town with a sharp right turn at the bottom. Wound up with the cannon muzzle poking into a German farmers kitchen window. No other damage to the structure.

  2. I'm wondering when John Ringo is going to pop up to once again explain lubrication to us. ("Conley, don't ever do that again.")

    — Wes S.

  3. Saw a clip over at XBradTC's place sometime back about something like a Tank Olympics in Russia. A Kuwaiti tank tried to make a hard turn at speed. Didn't work and the tank ended up on its side. The Rooskis that filmed it got a kick out of it.

  4. Do you think he just messed up, as when you slow it down it looks like the right track locked.

    Track vehicles when they lock a track or throw a track, become pretty exciting!

    Saw one do in a small Volkswagen Dealership's outside inventory when a tank threw a track back in the early 80's in W Germany.


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