Doofus Of The Day #966

Today’s award goes to a biologically clueless pet owner in Britain.

An unsuspecting pet owner had the shock of his life when he thought caring for his two new little female guinea pigs would be a breeze.

It turned out that he couldn’t have been more wrong. He’d accidentally bought a male and a female, which began multiplying “faster than he could react”.

Before he knew it, the babies had mated with one another, and he had 160 little guinea pigs running around in his garden in Gosport, Hampshire.

There’s more at the link.

I’d have thought that when the first litter of guinea-piglets appeared, that would have been what the professionals call A Clue . . . but to wait until he had 160 of them before figuring it out?  Verily, the mind doth boggle!



  1. That's what ya call a *special* kind of stupid. *shakes head* On the positive side, think of the cuteness! And I have a lifetime supply of plane shavings that he can have if he needs "litter box" material! Come to think of it, maybe he should consider taking up hand-tool woodworking? *ponders* naaah. Too many sharp edges. He'd accidentally off himself within a week. *gigglesnort*

  2. He could eat them. They're quite the delicacy in some countries. I've had it on a couple of occasions. Once in a dish where it could've passed for any meat like chicken or rabbit. The other time was on its own. It reminded me of rabbit but with a more distinct and robust flavor. Not gamey, just more flavorful. Not something I'd necessarily order in a restaurant but I wouldn't turn my nose up at it either. I've eaten far worse.

  3. Any time you buy a guinea pig, it's pregnant. They're rodents. It's called a bonus package. You never get just one, they mate and produce like rats….

    We bought one, a female, then we had some, then they all died…… somehow…..
    cute while they lasted, until they tried to overrun the house….

  4. May I direct your attention to PIGS IS PIGS by Ellis Parker Butler? There is a 1954 Disney adaptation that is also worth checking out.

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