Doofus Of The Day #975

The video speaks for itself.

Yep.  Doofus.  (And boy, did he look sore when he lay down like that!  Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.)



  1. Haha. Just what I was going to say, NFO. 🙂

    But it will be a while before he does something stupid like that again. Well, at least there.

  2. Some criminals just pick the wrong place. Some years ago I heard the tale of the guy who pulled a knife in a gun shop in an attempt to rob it. They say the result was just like Indiana Jones.

  3. Just like ol' Forrest Gump's Mama always said: Stoopid is as stoopid does…

    You can just imagine what that cop is saying to the dummy, as he's sittin' there on the curb, all bloodied-up and cuffed, waiting for the meat-wagon: "Sonny-boy, you done spoke up mean-like to the wrong folks…"

  4. To Old Nfo, and pretty much everyone else.
    Be patient, it's only a matter of time – they don't learn.

  5. There was this bar down in Echo Park near Dodger Stadium call Short Stops that's basically a cop bar, but you wouldn't know it from outside. In 1983, some genius decided to rob it using a comb wrapped in shirt to simulate a gun, and was shot 4 times by an off duty cop and died on the sidewalk. I figure the owner will have to convince the folks back in the station to send on-duty cops to wrap things up.

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