Doofus Of The Day #978

Today’s award goes to a would-be carjacker who just wouldn’t learn . . . or let go.

A carjacker picked the wrong driver to try to steal a car from, when the driver of that car refused to cooperate and drove off down the street, dragging him along the way.

The incident occurred about 7 PM on Friday, August 25 … Video shows the suspect punching the driver repeatedly, and the driver then manages to close the vehicle’s door, and drove off.

The video shows the suspect being dragged along a busy street, with his pants falling to his ankles.

The car stopped at least once in the video, but the would-be carjacker wouldn’t give up; he tried again to get the driver out.

The driver then took off again, dragging the suspect alongside the car … Kent police officers responded, and the suspect was tased “multiple times” after refusing to follow their commands.

There’s more at the link. Here’s the video.  Nudity alert, if that bothers you.

I enjoyed Blue Lives Matter’s closing remark on this report: “WARNING – Bare carjacker butt. Dangly bits were harmed in the making of this film.”



  1. I've read of other drivers who defended themselves the same way actually being charged with felony "assault" or "attempted murder".

    One has to be careful about this "stand your ground" mindset. Not all places respect self-preservation, and not all individuals are respected equally. There are some folks who are eternally "under penalty of law" and society's all too eager to "throw the book at" them.

  2. If that was me, he would have as much time to let go as it would take me to find a solid object to wipe him off my vehicle with.

    This reminds me of an incident my sister had. Guy attempted to get into her VW bug as she was leaving a convenience store. He was holding the door handle when she popped the clutch and took off.

    Back in the day, there was nothing that could out-accelerate a bug for the first 20 feet.

    The result was a teaching moment for the denizens of that locale. (the fast food restaurant next door had armored windows that the counter people worked behind)

  3. Do people not know, or just forget, that they have a reverse gear?
    If the perp is on your left side crank your steering all the way to the right and throw it into reverse. He will not hold on for that.

  4. This is amazing restraint on the part of the driver …

    How it could have played out: Mister Carjacker gets an "advanced jogging course" in some neighbourhood where the driver punches it up to 80 mph before "ending the jogging course lessons" by releasing the "student".

    The infamous 1990s American gun culture novel "Unintended Consequences" had something like this as an ending for one of the characters in it.

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