Doofus Of The Day #990

Today’s award goes to a woman from Long Island, NY.

Authorities say a woman arriving at a Long Island court to answer a marijuana possession summons was smoking pot when she parked her vehicle in the local police chief’s spot … [She had] been ticketed in May for unlawful possession of marijuana.

Police say she was arriving for her court appearance in Northport on Monday night when she cut off an unmarked police car in the parking lot while talking on her cellphone … she then pulled into the parking spot clearly marked as reserved for the village’s police chief … when the officers asked the woman to roll down her window, pot smoke billowed out.

There’s more at the link.

Let’s see . . .

  • Using a cellphone while driving?  Check.
  • Cutting off a police car while doing so?  Check.
  • Driving under the influence?  Check.
  • All this while on her way to appear in court for a previous offense?  Check.
  • And, last but not least, taking the police chief’s reserved parking spot?  Check.

Under the circumstances, she couldn’t possibly have been more of a doofus if she tried – or, if she could, I don’t want to know about it!



  1. But is she as big a doofus as the police who simply issued her another summons? Oooh, maybe THIS TIME she'll learn her lesson! At the least, driving under the influence (which she was NOT charged with) should merit her a few days in jail to clear her head.

  2. Reminds me of a girl I worked with years ago at a restaurant. She'd gotten her license suspended for one reason or another, and this being a small town, the cops all knew her and her car and her status. In short order, she was stopped for driving without a valid license and sent to the judge, who gave her 30 days in jail. She pleaded to be allowed to serve the time during the week, so she'd get the bigger tips on the weekend. Judge said fine.

    Yeah, she drove herself to jail.

  3. There was a cousin of mine who (in his younger, wilder, and stupider days) rear-ended a police car at a stop sign while drunk.

    But even at his worst I'd don't think he'd have done *this*

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