Doofus Of The Day #992

This quote says it all.

“According to the investigation, it is believed the male victim was attempting to steal the wheels from a van when the vehicle fell on top of him,” said a statement from [Pittsburgh’s] Public Safety Department.


Hint to aspiring wheel thieves:  the wheel nuts are on the outside for a good reason – so you don’t have to be the nut who gets under the inside!




  1. It's not like they're fancy wheels or anything. Aluminum to sell for drug money, maybe?

    Maybe he was underneath trying to push the wheel off rather than pull it.

  2. Like the idiot who broke into an abandoned mall a few years ago to steal copper wire. Passerby saw smoke coming from the building and called authorities. Found he didn't know the 220 vault line was still live! Or the guy in Massachusetts, I forget where, so tried to hide from the police by climbing over the fence into an electrical substation.

  3. You've seen the warning "Do not iron shirt while wearing".
    Now you know the target demographic for that cautionary memorandum.

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