Drill, baby, drill!

Courtesy of a link at Dad29’s place, we learn that a Pennsylvania legislator has a problem with the influx of oil workers into his State.

Democratic Representative Mike Sturla of Lancaster County wrote in an e-mail to a reporter that workers at well sites are “spreading sexually transmitted disease amongst the womenfolk.”

. . .

Sturla defended his comments during a House Democratic Caucus meeting on Marcellus Shale. He said other industries bringing “thousands of people” into the state would also result in a rise in STDs.

“It’s just you can’t whitewash it and say it doesn’t exist,” said Sturla.

There’s more at the link.

What can one say, except:

  • Oh, those fracking oil workers!
  • I’ve never heard of whitewash being able to cure STD’s, so ‘whitewashing it’ won’t work anyway!



  1. Yep all those Amish go-go girls working for tips at the buggy stops are at real risk of getting STD's.

    Having grown up in PA I can tell you that towns like Canton, Pottville, Schukill Haven, Hazelton and Oil City were wild places for railroaders, coal miners and rough necks for the last 100 years.


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