Electoral fraud cover-up, much???


Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present, for your edification, the following headlines:

  1. Antrim County Clerk and Material Witness, Sheryl Guy, DISMISSES Election Fraud Case…Judge Overrules Her Decision…Reinstates Case.
  2. Last Week the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Unilaterally Loaded Ballots onto Trucks and then Stored Them in the Open in a Warehouse Ignoring Proper Safeguarding Controls (watch the video at the link – it’s eye-opening, to say the least!).
  3. Ballots In Arizona’s Maricopa County Found Shredded and In Dumpster – Days Before Senate Audit To Begin.
  4. Early Indications Are That Ballots Found Shredded in Maricopa County Dumpster Are Completed Ballots from the 2020 Election.
  5. After Finding Shredded Ballots in the Dumpster Earlier Today – A Mysterious Fire Breaks Out at Maricopa County Official’s Farm.
  6. Four Months After 2020 Presidential Election in Georgia No Chain of Custody Documents Produced for 404,000 Absentee Ballots Deposited in Drop Boxes; Fulton County One of 35 Scofflaw Counties.

In Arizona and Georgia, the number of votes being called into question is far more than enough to change the result in those States of the November 2020 elections – Senatorial as well as Presidential.  If Antrim County in Michigan is any indicator of the rest of the counties in that State, the same may be true there.

Please sing the progressive left-wing chorus with me:

“There is no evidence of electoral fraud!”

“There is no evidence of any connection between these events and electoral fraud!”

“Electoral fraud?  What electoral fraud?”

And yet the mainstream media are almost entirely silent about all these developments.

What’s the old proverb?  “There are none so blind as those who will not see” . . . and the “establishment” appears determined to prevent as many people as possible from seeing anything to begin with, whether they want to or not.



  1. Trump/Pence vs Biden/Harris?
    OF COURSE I didn't vote in the last election!
    Why should I have?
    I know a Hobson's choice when I see one.

  2. maybe it's time for a few leftist voting commisoners and other assorted democrats involved with the non existant voter fraud to experiance a non existant fire at their house, or in their car…..in the middle of the night, while unoccupied of course. just want to send a message, not actually hurt anybody

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