End of a loooooong day

Well, the truck’s loaded, all except for a few things (particularly our bed, in which we’ll spend a last night here before loading it).  U-haul did us proud, and provided a brand-new Ford 26′ truck with less than 3,000 miles on the clock.  It’s a lot more comfortable than other trucks I’ve hired from them, and from other companies in the field. 

Tomorrow morning we’ll do a quick donation run to Goodwill with a few items we simply can’t fit into the truck, then head back to U-haul to connect a car trailer to the rent-a-truck and load Miss D.‘s vehicle onto it.  After that, we’ll saddle up and hit the road.  Tomorrow night will probably be spent somewhere in Arkansas, and on Saturday evening we hope to be in Texas.  We’ll probably overnight with Old NFO before unloading our stuff into our new home on Sunday.

It was an exhausting day.  I’m very glad we hired a couple of experienced movers from a local company to pack the truck for us.  They managed to get more into it than I would have believed possible, and justified the expense many times over.  Miss D. and I could never have been as efficient.  Experience tells, every time.  However, this may be the last time we do most of the moving work ourselves (i.e. the packing and other preparations).  Since both of us are partly disabled, it’s taken a heavy toll of our strength.  If my books continue to sell well, I’ll have to save enough money to pay someone else to do all that for us next time, for the sake of our backs and our sanity (not to mention my advancing years).

We’re both utterly exhausted now.  Time for a quick shower, then we’ll hit the sack.  Last-minute preparations tomorrow morning, then it’s hi-ho for the Lone Star State!



  1. The last time I moved, I swore it was the last time that I would do it myself.

    Then my wife bought the entire contents of a craft shop (literally, shop fittings included) and we shifted that ourselves. So I swore never again, again.

    So now we are moving again, and I have estimates from several places that do pack-move-unpack jobs. One even promises to have a roast dinner in the oven for you when you arrive – I think they might get the job.

  2. I stopped unloading when we got a second floor apartment this go round. I'm just not as spry as I once was. If and when I move again I will hire someone for both ends and maybe the packing as well.

  3. Hey Peter;

    Enjoy the trip across country…also knowing that it might be your last move..for a long time;) Keep it on the black stuff between the trees:)

  4. Hi Peter,
    Don't forget to check the oil before you head out. My brother and I moved him and his wife once with a U-Haul and I found it was down about 2 quarts before we started out.

  5. Last move nearly killed me,now because of health and age might have to move again dont want to this is my home all bought and paid for been here over 20yrs and i just cant afford it.

  6. Safe travels!

    I'm strongly in favor of letting the experts do most of the work. Just as long as you supervise to stop the odd brain fart thy may come up with and that you pack the really delicate stuff and make sure it is securey loaded.

    Since you're driving you won't end up with the problem we had when we moved to Europe. The movers put everything into the shipping container, including the cat carrier we were intending to use to transport our cat with us on the plane. Cue frantic dash the next morning to buy a second cat carrier from Petsmart.

  7. Safe travel, and fair weather.

    We haven't done any serious moving since moving into our present home 12 years ago. We did help the girls move out, a couple years back, but they did most of the heavier lifting.

    The next time, it will be professionals. We'll pack & prepare, but someone else is carrying!

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