Endearing images

Oleg sent me a link to a series of photographs of a Japanese grandmother, Misao, and her adopted cat, Fukumaru.  They’re part of a series (recently published in book form) by her granddaughter Miyoko Ihara.  I found them both cute and charming.  Here are a few examples, reduced in size to fit this blog

There are more (and larger) images at the link, and many more in the book.  Endearing viewing.  I think I’m going to have to add that book to my library.



  1. Great pictures. Nice site. That old woman's working up a real sweat tending her garden and it looks like she's not asking much from the Japanese government, unlike the Social Welfare parasites who voted for the current POTUS.

    It's mostly white cats that have two different colored eyes. Some genetic abnormality.

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