Eric Clapton on the Big Brother-ish COVID-19 overreach


His new song says it all.

Kudos to Mr. Clapton for taking a public stand against official tyranny and bureaucratic overreach.  It’s long gone time the rest of us did, too.



  1. This "tossed salad" mix of "Dual-Citizenship" foreigners with their offshore allegiances that have been robbing us blind, plunging us into disastrous foreign military adventures and running this nation into the ground morally, politically and financially for decades, need to be removed from all three branches of government, from our military and our banking system. Exile them all back to their own lands and their own people. These non-American liars and looters need to go. NOW. A total house-cleaning in America is way past due, if we are to survive.

  2. He's awake now, after a terrifying ordeal after taking dose 1. I have to say, his guitar sounds great here, and I approve of this message!!

  3. Van Morrison and Clapton have been pushing back pretty hard against the restrictions in England.

    BTW Clapton is a gun owner and shooter.

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