Europe’s out-of-control “refugee” crisis and its implications for the USA

I’ve pointed out before that Europe’s so-called “refugee” crisis isn’t a refugee crisis at all – it’s a wave of economic migrants, using conflict as an excuse to move to a place where they can improve themselves and make a better living.  It’s a reality that won’t go away anytime soon, and won’t be solved by merely accommodating more of them.

Now Hungary’s foreign minister has revealed the true scale of the problem.

SHOCK estimates predict up to 35 MILLION refugees could head for Europe due to hugely unstable situations across the world.

The huge figure was revealed today by Hungary’s minister for foreign affairs and trade Peter Szijjártó.

Speaking as the country begins work on its second fence to stop migrants heading across its border he predicted the current crisis will continue for years.

Mr Szijjártó told the Hungarian Times: “The name of the fence is ‘Temporary Security Border Fence’ but I think there is no question that in this case temporary means years.

“It’s a self delusion to call this situation a migration crisis; it is a massive migration of nations, with inexhaustible reserves.

“I don’t think that the analysis results, stating that 30-35 million people out there could possibly become migrants, would be an exaggeration.

“Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are all countries with a huge population and an extremely unstable situation.”

. . .

Migrants look to break through to Hungary as that sees them enter the European Union’s Schengen Zone which offers free movement between member countries.

He said: “The recent international political decisions created an unstable situation around Europe that makes sure that the amount of people won’t decrease.

“If we want to keep the freedom of movement in the European Union, we have to protect the outer borders.”

There’s more at the link.

His remarks come as Croatia admitted openly that it’s trying to force Hungary to accept ‘migrants’ moving through its territory towards the European Union.

Hungary was racing to seal its southern border on Saturday after accusing Croatia of “people smuggling” as the neighbouring country chose to bus thousands of migrants to the frontier.

The Hungarian authorities tried to prevent Croatia from funnelling migrants onto its territory by erecting the first 25 miles of a razor wire fence along the boundary between the two countries.

Almost 21,000 migrants have arrived in Croatia since Wednesday. The government admitted that its policy for dealing with the influx was to send the migrants straight to the northern border and leave them to cross into Hungary. About 8,000 had followed this route by Saturday.

Hungary, where the right-wing government of Viktor Orban has vowed to defend “Christian Europe” against the mainly Muslim migrants, accused Croatia of “violating Hungary’s sovereignty” by sending buses and trains packed with migrants over their joint border. It warned it might block Zagreb’s accession to Europe’s Schengen zone of passport-free travel.

Zoran Milanovic, the Croatian prime minister, in turn said that his government had successfully “forced” Hungary to accept the arrivals, adding: “And we’ll keep doing it”.

He added: “Croatia will not become the refugee centre of Europe.”

Refugees were being taken in their thousands across Croatia by coach to the frontier with Hungary. The Telegraph saw more than 30 buses led by a police escort arriving at the Beremend crossing.

Most of the refugees appeared to be Syrians. The Croat authorities showed no interest in registering them or checking them in any way. “It’s not our problem – we have given up,” said one Croat border guard. “Now we will just send them straight to where they want to go.”

. . .

Hungary has given a furious response to Croatia’s declared policy of trying to pass thousands of migrants into its hands. Peter Szijjarto, the foreign minister, denounced Croatia’s behaviour, saying: “Instead of honestly making provision for the immigrants, it sent them straight to Hungary. What kind of European solidarity is this?”

Zoltan Kovacs, a Hungarian government spokesman, went still further by accusing Croatia of “intentional participation in people smuggling”.

. . .

Slovenia is now preparing to be next in the path of the human tide. Already, groups of migrants have tried to enter the country, only to find rows of police holding them back at border crossings.

Again, more at the link.

Croatia has no interest in spending the huge amount of time, energy and resources required to control the influx.  Instead, it’s simply handing the problem over to its northern neighbor.  Of course, this is precisely what nations south of the USA have been doing for years.  They’re deliberately funneling all the illegal alien traffic trying to reach this country through their own territories, refusing to control it or do anything to stop it.  They’re simply passing the problem on to us.  (Indeed, many of those countries would find it hard to survive economically without the money sent back to them by illegal aliens in the USA.  It’s in their own self-interest to help illegals to succeed.)

We need to understand that Europe’s problem is the USA’s problem as well.  Our illegal aliens don’t come only from Syria or the Middle East:  they come from all over, but they’re seeking precisely the same thing that the European so-called ‘refugees’ are seeking.  All of the latter are now well away from the war zone that caused their initial flight.  They’re now passing through countries that could offer them a safe refuge . . . but they don’t want to stop there, because they’re no longer looking for safety.  They’ve found that already.  Instead, they want a better life in economic terms, and they’re determined to get it – even if that means freeloading on the generosity of other countries’ welfare systems, or depriving their citizens of jobs, rights, etc. in order to get them for themselves.  They don’t care about the law.  They’re in this for Number One – themselves.

Donald Trump is right.  Immigration is THE issue in the 2016 Presidential elections.  If he continues to hammer home this truth, and his opponents continue to punt on the issue, I predict he’ll win the Republican nomination – unless the party ‘establishment’, which is dominated by pro-amnesty interests, somehow rigs the process to keep him out.  If they do, then I hope he runs as an independent and trounces the party’s candidate in the polls.  I don’t care whether or not he’s the best candidate for the Presidency.  However, I care deeply that he’s the only candidate saying the right things about how to deal with illegal aliens.

Send them back.

Force them out.

Get rid of them.

Unless and until we do that, we’re crippling our economy and our national sovereignty with every new arrival.



  1. Stop the freebies and they will stop coming. He who does not work does not eat. Notice how most of these "immigrants" are all young men of fighting age and well fed and dressed. These are invaders to overrun a culture.

  2. You can have an open border, or a welfare state. But you CANNOT have both. If you want a safety net, close the border. Otherwise, the math simply doesn't pencil out, regardless of what your intentions are.

    Or, as someone wise once said, you can ignore reality; but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

    The lifeboat can only hold so many.

  3. The root problem is not that the receiving states are becoming reluctant to take the worlds population, but that the rest of the world is made up of essentially failed states, dictatorships or statist utopias.

    The solution is to help remake the failed states into something more workable. Yes, I know this will sometimes involve replacing some rulers at the point of a gun, but which would you prefer, shooting some dictators over there or shooting their criminals over here?

  4. I get a lot of crap from others because I am opposed to illegal immigration despite my wife being a resident alien who was in a gray area status-wise when we married, thus making the point moot.

    My wife's view is simplistic. Immigrants in the US don't take jobs. Jobs are given to them by cheating citizens who want to pocket more money by either paying less or not paying taxes.

    I can't help but question why the US at least doesn't impose a massive fine on any citizen hiring an illegal alien for work. Say at $10,000 per day per offense. In my view, with no possibility for employment, there's no possibility of illegals setting down roots.

    One other suggestion is a 50% tax on a non-citizen or non TIN holder remitting money overseas. I shop at a mexican grocery store at home at times, and the line for remitting money overseas is always longer than the lines at the registers.

    Just some thoughts. Doesn't include the humanitarian aspects, but does cover the profiteering parts.

  5. Peter,

    maybe there is one difference between the european and the american situation:

    we, as most other western european states, are in desperate need of young, trained and motivated workers. If you look at our demographics (we substantially shrink due to the continuuos drop of birthrates and the skyrocketing longevity), two problems come up:
    1) already more than 40.000 apprenticrship positions are vacant. The industry AND small trade are complaining about a lack of workers (from baking bread to engineering!). If this gets worse, the economy will shrink. Nice to have full order books for automobiles or machine tools, but someone has to build these.

    2) On the long run our pension and health insurance systems may collapse.

    During the sixties we experienced a "Wirtschaftswunder", only possible because lots of "Gastarbeiter" (foreign workers) were let in. Only problem was: they wanted to stay, but no time and effort was invested in integrating them. This led to parallel societies and "ghettoisation".

    If we can avoid this mistake, these migrants may be a great benefit for our society.
    But this is all about economy, and I have to admit that there is a large difference in fertility rates (USA 2,06 – Germany 1,42).

    However, I was flabbergasted by your statement. To hear someone who is a Christian, Ex-Pastor and migrant himself say "Get rid of them" is a little – shall we say, confusing.
    Have to admit that I am Atheist. One of the reasons I became one was the attitude of most religious people to "cherry-pick" from their scripture and ignore the inconvenient rest. Extremist Muslims do it, Hindus do it, well – everybody.
    Can't remember that Jesus (wasn't he a refugee himself?) had economic or cultural concerns when he helped people. Isn't that thing about charity one of the cornerstones of the whole religion?

    But hey, that's just the two cents of a foreign Atheist…

  6. Charity would be helping them make it in their own countries, and not illegally in our ours. There is a moral hazard in play here. We shouldn't be spending money encouraging the very actions we don't want. We should be discouraging it.

  7. Hansjorg, Germany, like the rest of Europe, is disappearing. The legal and illegal immigrants/refugees do not wish to assimilate and will demand the provision of their needs at the expense of native born people. Just as there is a occupancy rate for every building, there is a occupancy rate for every country. The west can't save everyone. Stem the tidalwave now. Re: Jesus. He was not a refugee. Yes, he had economic concerns, but never told his treasurer (Judas) to give away all their money. Jesus' example and teachings are the reason Christians are the most giving people in the world. Also, he didn't give up his culture in favor of others. Re: atheism. Atheism is the disbelief in God, not the adherents. Agnostics believe there is something, but are not sure what. You painted religious people with a very small brush. Just as there are good atheists, so are there good religious people. It is better to look at the words and actions of the subject rather than the adherents.

  8. @Hansjorg Demand: I think you misunderstand me, perhaps because you haven't read my earlier articles on the subject. I have no problem at all helping refugees to escape violence and reach a place of safety. However, most of the alleged 'refugees' currently invading Europe aren't refugees at all – they're economic migrants. It was reported today that less than one in five come from Syria and other places where violence has disrupted society. The rest come from other places, and are all out to make a better life for themselves in Europe (or here in the USA, for that matter).

    It's those people – those who are economic migrants rather than refugees – whom I think should be sent back to wherever they came from. They're basically freeloading on the welfare benefits in our countries. They don't contribute anything. They're net takers rather than net givers. We have no moral obligation to support them, and we should not allow any such obligation to be foisted upon us.

    I hope that makes my position clearer.

  9. Agree with this post and with Peter's response to Hansjörg.

    There are still millions of unemployed in Germany. Help them find jobs first. If jobs cannot be found for most of them, what makes anyone think that you can import a million poorly educated people from an alien culture with no knowledge of the language and turn them into net contributors?

    Germans made too few babies in past decades, but uncontrolled mass immigration isn't the answer. Instead, they should have accepted that their society will become older and their economy's growth rate will slow down, and that this situation will last for several decades until the boomers have died off. As long as the EU retained the capability to defend its external borders, it should not have been a problem.

    Instead, Merkel and Juncker have thrown wide the doors and now a million Muslims have barged in this year alone, with many more Muslims to follow in the coming years. Very, very bad choice. Not only will European seniors not benefit from the Muslim influx, they will actively be harmed due to reallocation of resources to migrants. Expect to see more cases of elderly people in understaffed nursing homes being left to die painfully (bed sores!) and slowly in their own excrement.

  10. Rolling rolling rolling…

    Send 'em back force 'em out
    Force 'em out send 'em back
    Send 'em back force 'em out


  11. Peter, Anonymous, Deborah:

    We have a completely different experience.
    1) The majority of immigrants is NOT migrating into the social security systems of Germany. They are doing exactly what immigrants did in the U.S. during the late 1800s and early 1900s: they are in pursuit of happiness, they are highly motivated and they work for a living. Unfortunately in the past there were not enough integration efforts, and because of "political correctness" there was no pressure put on the minority (mostly muslims) who wouldn't integrate. So we have our problems, but these problems are partially our own fault. I wrote it before: the poor and uneducated Turks of the 60s and 70s were seen as "Guest workers", not as immigrants. But people have learnt their lession. Today we will only accept a controlled migration based on the needs of our economy. Those who come will have to learn the language and accept our culture of freedom, tolerance and self-determination. Of course it will take a lot of time and bring hardships for the large number of people that are actually flooding the country. But in the end it will be the same success story as it was in the U.S.

    2) The exact reason that people in german hospitals and retirement homes are suffering is that we are already experiencing staffing bottlenecks! Without immigrants (Doctors, Nurses and Caregivers) from Poland, Ukraine, Africa and Arab Countries our healthcare system would already have collapsed years ago! Just believe it. In the far future, WITHOUT immigration, there might be a collapse of pension and healthcare systems. Who is gonna pay that if you have more retirees than working people?

    3) Ask ANY German running a small business like bakery, building company or restaurant here, if he gets enough trainees. He won't!!! Most young people (their numbers diminishing) see their future in Marketing, IT or Sales. Less and less youngsters wants to start their day at 3a.m. Nobody wants to get his hands dirty. Most of them are not "hungry" enough.. and the unemployment rate is almost down to the minimum. These are the people who will NOT wake up early in the morning. Neither switch to a "lower" or "dirtier" job.
    Just try to find a decent cleaning lady over here. It's simply hopeless! WE JUST NEED IMMIGRANTS.
    4) But it is not only about bakers, nurses or cooks: Mr. Zetsche (Boss of Mercedes Benz) recently said he would be more than happy if he was allowed to go to the "refugee" camps to recruit directly.

    and, Deborah: whoever told you that nonsense that Germany is disappearing: you better don't believe it. Germany is just changing. And it is high time.

  12. Hansjörg: I sincerely hope your vision of Germany's future will turn out to be correct, but I deeply doubt it. These are not for the most part trained engineers, physicians, scientists or other professionals who are pouring in. And the social welfare systems (as in the US) make it more attractive to collect a check for staying home rather than working difficult and menial jobs. The average immigrant is not stupid. He (or she – at least the ones allowed to make decisions without a male relative) can do the sums and figure out what's most advantageous, and in that context, I can't blame them. If something is there for the taking, human nature is to take it. The only reasons one doesn't is fear of punishment because it's illegal; inculcated moral code; or because it will hurt someone you either personally care about, or your kin, tribe, folk, what have you. We've already amply demonstrated that laws will not be enforced, and collecting welfare despite never having paid into the system is not illegal anyway. Moral codes I can't speak to in this space, but it's pretty obvious that many if not most immigrants do not view ethnic Germans, nor the West in general, as their kith and kin. The whole "one world" and "we are all alike under the skin" is a uniquely Western (and modern) fallacy. I take people seriously when they tell me that they want to enslave or kill me for my lack of religion, or what have you. And it's also frankly unbelievably arrogant of liberal Westerners to believe that such fundamental differences in outlook are simply because those benighted "folks" are not as enlightened as we are and that we can change their deepest convictions and inculcated-from-childhood beliefs so easily. I could spend the rest of my life in say Saudi Arabia, even given the income of a member of the Royal family, gratis, and I'll still believe that women should have all the same legal rights as men. I'll still believe that adultery is a sad business, but between the parties involved and not a matter for stoning someone to death. I'll still believe that it is a travesty of justice to punish a woman for being raped by a married man because she "committed adultery." I'd bet you'd be the same. So how is it that we can so easily and naturally convince someone from such a culture that we are right and they are wrong just by having them move to the West and clean up after old people in nursing homes. We can't. (And by the way, we ARE right about not murdering women who were raped and so forth. There is no room for cultural relativism on stuff like this.)

    I can't speak to what's going on in Germany, but friends from the Nordics all tell the same basic story. The Danes and Swedes, you have to get them a bit drunk first. Initially it's all "Everything is working great. Sure there are difficulties, but that's because we have not been welcoming enough, not accomodating enough; we need to consider cultural differences and natural resentment because we have so much, and they have so little." After you get to know them (them being the particular Swedes and Danes) and establish trust it starts to come out. Excess crime, lack of respect for not just Nordic but general Western culture. Harrassment and stalking of women. Is it all immigrants? Of course not, but a nontrivial percentage. And it's getting worse. So that's the Swedes and Danes. The Finns on the other hand generally just come out and say it. Good on the Finns.

  13. But people have learnt their lession. Today we will only accept a controlled migration based on the needs of our economy.

    Haha, funny. Do you do stand-up comedy, Hansjörg?

    Listen. Tens of thousands of migrants have been streaming into Germany UNCONTROLLED in the past couple of weeks alone. They disembark at Munich train station, hop into a taxi, and are off to who knows where. Nobody took their fingerprints. Nobody asked them for ID. Nobody checked whether their stories are plausible. Nobody investigated them to find sleeper terrorists from Islamic State. If they later turn up at an intake center, they are guaranteed shelter, clothing, food, emergency medical care, and cash. They are guaranteed this for life. Even if their asylum application should one day be rejected, fewer than one in ten rejectees are in fact deported. And they continue to draw benefits even then.

    Germany's Labor Minister said that only one in ten recent immigrants are fit to hold down a job in Germany's economy. If she admits that, you can bet the real situation is even worse.

    Of course you need migration. Even the famously closed-off Japanese import thousands of Christian Philipino carers every year for their growing elderly population (and in many cases, these women are made beneficiaries of the seniors' wills). These Philipinas are carefully selected: qualifications, references checked, stay in the country conditional on continued employment. Notice the difference to what Germany is doing?

    Here, let me help you.


    Are you beginning to see the difference?

  14. "Mr. Zetsche (Boss of Mercedes Benz) recently said he would be more than happy if he was allowed to go to the "refugee" camps to recruit directly"

    Of course he would! With one million immigrants, no problem to find a thousand candidates for assembly-line work at Mercedes. And they will work for a lot less, too. In fact, that is the entire idea: to have a "reserve army" of people to curb the too-high wages of your existing workers.

    Fair play to Mr. Zetsche, he is doing what a CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation should. But not everything he says should be accepted without scrutiny.

  15. Hi!

    I do not disagree with all the concerns and warnings you folks have expressed. And a lot of my fellow citizens, maybe a majority, has the same feelings about the current situation.

    But: I hear a lot of fearful statements. Terrorists/sleepers/they will rape our women/they will take our jobs away/they will force our society to become muslim etc.

    Remember: we are an open society. Our borders are de facto non-existent since Europe stopped the inner border-controls.
    Any terrorist who wished could be already here for years. You may know: Most of the Saudi terrorists of 9/11 lived in Hamburg.
    So the actual "flood" didn't change much. By the way: they are called terrorists because they spread fear. I absolutely believe that a strong country like USA or Germany should NOT give in to the feeling of "fear". We can only "loose" against these a**holes if we sacrifice OUR precious freedom piece by piece. NSA, TSA, Patriot act, CIA torture facilities – IMHO these are NOT symbols of freedom or strength. These are helpless (and expensive) signs of mistrust, weakness and .. FEAR!

    I do have serious concerns. But these are about our slow-motion bureaucracy being unable to find a fast solution for:
    -checking each "refugee" if he really is a person who deserves political asylum
    -checking those who want to stay here and work if they are suited
    -checking if these people are willing to accept our culture of freedom

    Imagine 500.000 people having waited 2 or 3 years in camps under degrading conditions and THEN being rejected. Riots, anyone?

    And – NO – I don't do stand-up comedy. I am NO one-worlder. I am NO socialist or daydreamer. And, by the way, I am NOT against gun ownership.
    But I have met a lot of Turks, Russians and Arabs here in Germany who are decent people, hard-working and respected. Just like me. See no problem to welcome some more of these. My two kids have no future here, if they will be forced to pay 70% taxes to feed our millions of retirees….

    So maybe I am just an optimist living in a overaging, over-careful, over-fearful country….


  16. Hansjorg, my assertion that "Germany is disappearing" was reached solely by me based on personal observation and experiences. You state that it's just changing. Well, too many changes lead to the loss of the foundation, to traditions, etc. Saudi Arabia just funded the building of 20 mosques in Germany. How will Germans react to the "call to prayer…several times a day?

    Here are a just a few issues to consider?
    Where will all these people be housed?
    What is the expected cost of the housing, utilities, feeding, clothing, educating, medical, etc?
    Who will pay for it? The taxpayers.
    How will natural born citizens become second class? Preferential treatment for "refugees" at university. Grades are no longer the standard. Same with jobs.
    National language is no longer observed as the primary language.

  17. Anonymous, this is just the beginning. Herr Mayor is after the government's "resettlement" money. Taxpayers (including the newly displaced (Germans) paying for the "displaced" also known as "refugees".Alas! Poor Nieheim.

    It's not only economic suicide but cultural suicide, as well. Mark Steyn details it in his latest column, "The Emperor's Moral Narcissism" at SteynOnline. Well worth the read.

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