Even more windy!

Earlier today I posted a video clip of a tornado in Illinois that went over the top of a man in a pickup truck who sheltered beneath an overpass.  He was lucky to escape injury, if nothing worse.

Following that video, an anonymous reader sent me a link to this clip of a light car meeting a hurricane-force wind in Okinawa.

Suddenly I see yet another advantage to large, heavy American pickup trucks like the one I drive . . .



  1. Unless it has treads and tons of armor plate, nothing is ultimately heavy enough. However, there may be an application for tailfins after all.

  2. Gee, out here we call that sort of day "March." (OK. I'm exaggerating a little. Very little. We regularly get straight-line winds stronger than an F-0 tornado.)


  3. when I lived in Dallas, we had a tornado that picked up a big rig and tossed it with the driver still inside. (It was parked, he was asleep). he survived with only minor injuries.

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