Even Wyatt Earp might giggle at this…


Found on MeWe, courtesy of a member of the Monster Hunter International group there (clickit to biggit):

I’m sure the ATF would have fits, too!  (For a start, it’s illegal to put a forward grip on a handgun.)  Nevertheless, it’s an imaginative marriage of wood, steel and plastic, ancient and modern.  Now, if they could only have given it a 30-round magazine capacity, even Wyatt Earp and his contemporaries might giggle!



  1. If it's a full 16" barrel, installed before the stock assembly, it's a rifle.

    ATF's foregrip rules are aimed at VFGs – handguards are OK (see: nearly all AR/AK pistols), and those angled VFGs are kosher, last I heard). (IANAL, and ATF gonna ATF.)

    All this is Federal, though, and state/local laws can be even dumber.

    However, now that you have a nice threaded barrel, you may as well throw a can on it…

  2. You can make a pistol out of a rifle, but you can't make a rifle out of a pistol, but you can have a pistol-carbine where you plug your pistol in as the firing unit, but you can't, or can you?

    Whatever makes sense, BATFE will find a way of re-interpreting their own rulings to fit whatever they say they want to say about what they've said. (And that statement is still less confusing than what BATFE actually says about what they say they said…)

    As to 30 round mags, there are actual patents for a belt-chain revolver that holds about 30 rounds, and there are revolvers that have huge rotating drums, too, all pre NFA and any other illegal and immoral gun law and restriction. Our ancestors have always been tricky and overly imaginative, something that the new crop of regulations is doing it's very best to deny the younger generations.

  3. @Beans "You can make a pistol out of a rifle, but you can't make a rifle out of a pistol…"

    You have that backwards, you can add a long barrel and stock to a pistol, it's still a pistol.

    But you can't, legally, put a short barrel on a rifle without paying for the tax stamp.

    If anyone is interested, US v. Thompson/Center Arms Co.(1992), settled this.


  4. I've been watching a handful of old Westerns lately. How many of those firearms would violate these asinine definitions of what constitutes a pistol or a rifle?

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