Ever heard of “rabbit hopping” as a sport?

I hadn’t either, until I came across this article about competitive rabbit hopping in Australia.

A cute companion, a pest and a free lawnmower — that is usually how a domestic rabbit is described. Now ‘athlete’ can be added to that list, because rabbit owners are training up their furry friends to hop competitively, like a miniature version of the equine sport, show-jumping.

. . .

President of the Rabbit Hopping Society of Australia (RHSA), which was formed in 2013, Neil Worley, said hopping rabbits in Australia were yet to achieve elite status but were on the right track.

Elite rabbits can typically jump as high as 50 centimetres.

“It’s like any normal athlete, you want to improve,” he said.

“The rabbits want to do that too, because I think they really enjoy doing it.”

. . .

First formed in 2013, the RHSA was set up with the help of officials from Denmark, the world leaders in rabbit hopping.

Mr Worley said two Danish officials came to help organise and train members of the RHSA to ensure their competitions met world standards.

Some years later, he said rabbit hopping was in good form in Australia, with hopes of hopping to the top of the podium in international competition.

“We all work together, because it’s a small community,” Mr Worley said.

There’s more at the link.

Here’s a video about the sport.

I somehow can’t see crowds going wild with excitement watching that.  On the other hand, there is this advantage:  if your rabbit turns out not to be a jumper, he can always wind up on the menu, to encourage the others!  (Would you serve it at IHOP?)



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