Every day, we’re witnessing the deliberate destruction of our constitution and our rights


If the progressive left were to issue a formal declaration of war on the US constitution and the rights it recognizes, it could not do more in practice to destroy those rights than what we’re seeing right now.  Be in no doubt that the current onslaught – political, social, economic, and in every other way – against the values we have cherished for generations is precisely that:  a war.  It’s a war the progressives do not intend to lose – and that we dare not lose.

Rather than try to restate everything myself, here are a number of articles that encapsulate what’s going on.  I urge you to read them for yourself, in full, and make your own judgment.

Bill Buppert:  Winter is here indeed

The full-throated roar of communist ambition is steamrolling the former United States under a virtual rain of cluster bomb munitions launched against many varieties of formerly free acts of human volition from speaking to writing to communicating to walking to dining to assembling and everything in between. In the name of safety and opposition to terrorism, the government and its vassal states are proceeding apace to un-person any human who desires to be free of the state … I suspect the Uniparty will start at free speech and use the Bill of Rights as a mission list to extinguish all freedom in the country.

Normal American:  The New Domestic Terrorists

Democrat insider and deep state creature John Podesta … on Wednesday put out a statement calling the Capitol occupiers “violent insurrectionists,” “seditionists,” and, for variety, “domestic insurrectionists.”

This is the new Democrat line. Rep. Linda Sanchez, a California Democrat, says: “Make no mistake: those who violently assaulted the Capitol today are not protesters or Patriots. They are domestic terrorists.” Sen. Chuck Schumer, the New York Democrat who bears no resemblance at all to a reptile, tested the phrase “goons and thugs and domestic terrorists.”

Within only a few hours, the “domestic terrorist” line had been echoed … A list is being made for the purge.

Normal Americans will be tempted to point out Democrats’ hypocrisy. Our self-described betters spent 2020 excusing attempts by the street commies to burn down federal courthouses and police stations. The left normalized street violence and occupying government buildings. They turned a blind eye to “autonomous zones” run by warlords. NPR served up the official propaganda with its fawning interview of the author of In Defense Of Looting. We are not allowed to remember that left-wing protesters stormed the Wisconsin State Capitol and Capitol Hill not too long ago.

Of course the left are hypocrites. But dwelling on their hypocrisy is poor preparation for the reality of Democrats taking over Washington, D.C. in two weeks … For our anti-American elites who loathe devout Christians, gun owners, and sundry deplorables, Christmas will arrive early this year … Our rulers do not appreciate being humiliated by a bunch of undesirables wearing MAGA hats and Viking horns. When they talk about “domestic terrorists,” they are talking about deplorables. They are planning their revenge.

Simon Black:  The coming ‘woke’ American Theocracy

In a theocracy, the rules and rituals of the official state religion become pervasive in everything– politics, education, business, news, entertainment, and even your daily routine– regardless of whether or not you’re a believer… if you’re even allowed to be a non-believer.

In its own way, the United States (and much of the West) is rapidly becoming a theocracy where the woke leftist religion similarly pervades our daily lives.  Any dissent is greeted with rage and cancellation … You must use only the words that have been prescribed.

. . .

This religion is also a major influence in government now.

Elected leaders rush to show their constituents how pious and virtuous they are, whether they’re kneeling in solidarity for a photo opp, or changing their own rules to banish gender-specific language in the House of Representatives.

And we saw last year how government policy has started to become driven by the supreme religious leaders, i.e. American Ayatollahs who wield extraordinary, unelected power.

They control a perpetually outraged Twitter mob through hashtags and memes. They get to tell people whose life does and doesn’t matter… who’s an oppressor and who’s a victim. And they rake in hundreds of millions of dollars in donations with zero oversight or transparency.

It’s important to point out that this new woke fanaticism is a polytheistic religion with many gods to exalt.

James Kirkpatrick:  Ruling Class Tantrum Shows Americans We Must All Hang Together

Power can only be checked by power, and because President Donald J. Trump and the Conservative Movement didn’t oppose the emerging Totalitarian Left when they had the chance, the Historic American Nation is about to suffer real tyranny under the boot of our corporate and political rulers. The good news: the Capitol Hill protest and its subsequent repression was another step in the radicalization, not of the Dissident Right, which already knows the score only too well, but of the mass of ordinary American patriots.

. . .

Still, there’s hope to be found in this situation because progressives aren’t leaving ordinary Americans any way out. There are no more “conservatives” because there’s nothing left to conserve. There are just patriots on the one hand and collaborators with an increasingly hostile and hateful regime on the other.

The “slippery slope” argument may be considered a logical fallacy, but in politics, it’s simply a factual description of the way things work. The Capitol Hill protest is simply providing the excuse for the crackdown that was already underway anyway.

. . .

American patriots are confused. They still have it in their head that the U.S. is something called a “free country” and that they have the right to speak out about what is happening. They are now being enlightened about the fact that this is no longer true.

. . .

With its absurd talk of “insurrection” and ludicrously obvious double standards, the Ruling Class has designated tens of millions of deplorables as something less than citizens, people outside respectable society … The Left just can’t hold itself back from its eliminationist rhetoric and its borderline genocidal hatred of the Historic American Nation.

Jenin Younes – The Liberal-Left Has Gone Fully Illiberal

One of the particular features of tyrannical regimes is that most people remain unaware of their true nature until they have solidified their grip on power. It is far easier to acquire and maintain control over a population that at least initially believes the governing force is benevolent.

Pick up a history book if you believe that in the near future the pandemic will be declared over and normal life will resume. Even well-intentioned individuals have difficulty surrendering power once they have had a taste. Nothing about the actions of leaders such as Governors Cuomo, Whitmer and Newsom, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, ought to lead people to believe that life will ever be the same unless we refuse to accept this erosion of our civil rights and liberties.

Each day, I hope that my friends on the liberal-left will wake up and see what is happening before their eyes, before it is too late.

Inevitably, of course, one of the major prongs of the attack on our rights is to reduce, or even eliminate, our right – and ability – to defend ourselves.  Andrew Pollack points out:

Whether or not President Biden and gun czar Beto aim for a program of national gun confiscation, we should expect some sort of major crackdown against the Second Amendment and against our other liberties. The congressmen who ducked, covered, and cowered – in now iconic photos – when protestors entered Capitol Hill … will act based on an intensified fear and perhaps even loathing of their fellow citizens after seeing what some of them proved capable of. The left will attack the First and Second Amendment at the same time, arguing that the free flow of information is dangerous in a country where citizens are armed and can take up action against perceived tyranny.

. . .

The old argument “why would anyone need a high capacity magazine” should have been effectively answered by scenes from this summer’s riots, as business owners faced off against huge mobs intent on burning down their business and ending their livelihood. But the left doesn’t want them to have that protection. And as for the old question “what exactly is an assault weapon?” You can bet that they will try to define it as expansive as possible, to try to ban as many physical varieties of guns as they can.

The Biden campaign also promised to do a national “buy-back” of so-called “assault weapons” … if Americans don’t want to give up their guns, they will be forced to register them with the federal government. The fear about this has always been that this national database could be the prelude for a direct federal gun confiscation program, like what the left always applauds Australia for and like Beto O’Rourke said he wants to do here.

. . .

I can’t tell you exactly what they’re planning. But with two weeks left before Biden’s inaugurated, just remember – it’s a lot easier for them to stop you from buying a gun than to take one out of your hands.

There’s more at the link.

Friends, don’t just sit back wringing your hands and protesting that there’s nothing the individual can do in the face of such onrushing tyranny.  There’s a lot we can do – but it means organizing, and preparing, and getting ready.

  • If at all possible, move to a freer state than the one you’re in, where your rights are (and will still be) respected.  I think many states will respond to federal restrictions on constitutional rights by reaffirming their support for those rights, and for those enshrined in state constitutions.  We’re going to need that help.
  • Make sure you have access to news sources that are not controlled by the progressive left and their supporters.  This includes foreign news outlets, independent reporting, and so on.
  • Take steps to secure your communications, as far as possible, and make sure that anything falling afoul of the new “wokeness” is not sent in any form that can be intercepted and used against you.  In particular, note that any electronic communication may be (and probably will be) intercepted.  Also, your smartphone is very likely already being used against you by commercial interests – so don’t be surprised if government does the same thing.
  • If at all possible, equip yourselves with essential gear before it’s banned or restricted.  This includes firearms and ammunition.  In today’s sick society, you need the tools to defend yourself and your loved ones.  They’re no longer luxuries – they’re necessities.  Can’t buy firearms easily or affordably?  Then look to other options, and learn to use them as effectively as possible.  In Africa, I saw machetes, sharpened spades, bows and crossbows, and a host of other everyday implements used to deadly effect.

Perhaps most important of all, gather a small group of trusted friends and support each other.  It’s hard to stand alone against Leviathan.  Remember the advice of Benjamin Franklin:

We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.




  1. Just a note from the rumor mill: it might be a really good idea if we all stayed as far away from government offices as we can manage on January 17th. It's a Sunday, so they won't be open anyway, right?
    There seems to be an extremely bizarre effort going on to organize armed marches on centers of politics. Showing up seems highly ill-advised. Whether any of us show up or not, expect a multitude of Reichstag fires, followed by long-planned "retribution".

    1. An effort that didn't start with any known group on the Right, and is promoted with flyers featuring a modernized soviet propaganda vibe.

      Consensus on even the most bellicose spots I've seen is "false flag or set-up, avoid like the plague".

  2. I'm staying out of it, for the moment. Many of the recent outrages seem designed to bring out, and spotlight, the first and louder responders.
    For all that, the socialists seem not to be very coherent and may well, in a few months, prove incapable of forming a real policy. I think we're still in the OO phase, and need to defer the DA.

  3. WHAT IS THE BIGGER CRIME- the STOLEN election, or THE FACT THAT WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT IT ? The loss of our right to govern ourselves by choosing our leaders, or the right of free speech to even SPEAK about it.?
    Can we allow this to happen without a FIGHT ? A real fight with guns and stuff ? NO !

  4. Thanks for all the links. I've got my evening's reading all lined up in tabs.
    I agree with Eric above. As Masaad Ayoob said about avoiding mob violence: "Don't be there". There will be plenty of opportunity to "Do what needs to be done" other times and other places, places and times of our own choosing.

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