“Every single nation is getting pounded down, because of globalist extra-national interests”


Some weeks ago I wrote an article titled “A totalitarian onslaught against freedom on a worldwide scale“.  In it, I said:

There are so many signs of organization behind the current chaos and disorder in the world that I’m forced to the conclusion it’s not actually chaos and disorder at all.  It’s enemy action:  organized, planned, and being carried out on a scale so vast it’s almost unthinkable.  Yet, when one examines the evidence, it’s extremely difficult to come to any other conclusion.

If you haven’t already read that article, I suggest doing so before continuing here.

Aesop, who blogs over at Raconteur Report, is a controversial figure in the blogosphere.  He’s blunt and outspoken, and has made many enemies with his acerbic, cutting remarks.  He and I don’t always agree on issues.  However, when it comes to the many crises facing the world right now, I think he sees things as I do.  Here’s an excerpt from his latest commentary.  (LANGUAGE WARNING:  It’s profane in parts, and I don’t normally include foul language in a family-friendly blog like this:  but, in order to let him make his point as bluntly here as he does in the original, I haven’t edited it out.)

People want to run around with their hair on fire about “The Joooos!”, the Illuminati, Bigfoot, and whatever other silly shit black helicopter chemtrail boogeymen they can concoct.

So follow your own logic for a minute. It isn’t all hogwash (most of it, yes, but I’ve seen no examples of global elite competency to concern me. They’re more ham-fistedly inept than Russia, for the most part, just bigger and stronger).

So why go after Russia?

It isn’t just Emperor Stumblefuck Poopypants’ kickbacks. It’s because of Russia itself.

They were ecstatic, happy as a pig in shit, in fact, when Russia was fractured, chaotic, and screwed six ways from Sunday 24/7/365. Chaos brings opportunity. Putin is a thug, an evil dick-tater, and a tactical moron who believed his own military’s press releases (and every swinging Richard out there knows that, if they’re honest with themselves for 2 seconds), but he has undeniably managed to cobble together some coherence and technological advances despite the handicaps of the entire collapse of his beloved Soviet State. Just like Mussolini made the trains run on time.

And powerful elites simply cannot have that.

It’s that simple.

Russia cannot – must not – rise from the ashes.

That’s what this has all been about, at the root.

So who wins? And Why?

Not Russia, for a certainty. And they cannot.

Ukraine? Sh’yeah, As If. They’ll be eating shit rebuilding for the next generation, minimum, best case. We never told you any differently. Their only win is staying free, but it always comes at a stiff cost.

America? Are you freaking kidding me?? Look around. The societal bore worms are rampaging through whatever cultural bedrock they didn’t manage to destroy or rot before 2020, with a will and a vengeance.

Europe? They’re even worse off. A Frenchman can’t wander Paris in safety, an Englishman’s kids are getting groomed and butt-sexed in school, and anyone in Scandinavia has moved from being largely benign and culturally homogenous underpopulated state-socialist “paradise” to outright rape capitols of the entire world.

Asia? Africa? S. America? Give a holler after next year’s famines hit the Turd World there (which is most of it), and get back to me.

So. Show of hands: Who here thinks this is all just wild coincidence?

Every single nation is getting pounded down, because of globalist extra-national interests.

Ukraine vs. Russia is just the latest pretext. Exactly like COVID, like unmitigated borderless mass immigration infestation before that, the worldwide destruction of the value of anyone’s money before that, and the utter pollution and inversion of every cultural institution: church, school, family, basic morality, and everything else, because some people in position to push a lever here, or point a rudder there, are leaning on those switches with all their might.

Because they’re quite simply Evil incarnate.

Morality, liberty, decency, virtue, dignity, independent thought and word and deed, frighten the living Hell out of them, because it takes away their power. They are Shitlords, and those things wash away the dung they thrive in: Chaos, panic, disorder, death, and destruction.

Anything that throws a monkey-wrench in those plans is your ally. 

Anything that furthers it is your enemy.

Liberty, prosperity, and happiness are human exceptions, in all of recorded history, and sedimentary mountains of unrecorded time-space history before that.

Stop sportsball rooting for things that will never be, and pay attention to the whole board being played. While you can still have some effect on the outcome.

There’s more at the link.

If you think Aesop and I have got it wrong, and that there’s not really a conspiracy afoot, just look at the headlines and scoops that pop up every day.  You want examples?  We’ve got examples.

  • Look at the hidden, devious, subversive way that every one of the 600-odd Federal agencies has been mobilized to “expand citizens’ opportunities to register to vote and to obtain information about, and participate in, the electoral process”.  As The Federalist points out, “fully nine months after those plans were due, they are all being hidden from the public, even as evidence is emerging that the election operation is in full swing”.  After all the shenanigans and electoral corruption we saw in 2020, who’s willing to believe that those agencies aren’t being mobilized to perpetrate exactly the same fraud all over again, on an even larger scale?  If you believe that, I can only shake my head at your blithe insouciance.
  • Look at how President Biden is so clearly being manipulated and directed every single day.  The poor man’s senile.  He can’t think for himself, and can’t possibly direct the affairs of this country;  yet he’s being used as a figurehead for what is, effectively, a third Obama administration.  Want evidence of that?  Here’s two photographs of Biden’s instructions from his handlers.  Can anyone being so clearly manipulated truly be in charge of anything – even changing his own clothes?  (Click either image for a larger view, and see The Intrepid Reporter’s article about them for his own [profane] comments.)

Those aren’t the notes of a man in charge.  They’re the marching orders he’s been given (along with what will appear on his teleprompter).  I wonder how – and how often – they punish him if he doesn’t get it right?  And I wonder whether any of those responsible will ever be convicted of elder abuse – as they should be?

So . . . what can we, as individuals, do about it?  We’re just so much garbage as far as the Powers That Be are concerned;  there to be used, manipulated, harvested, then discarded.

Nevertheless, there are things we can do.  This corruption is being imposed from the top down.  Resistance will have to grow from the ground up.  There will be no savior coming to rescue us, despite anyone who claims to be such a savior – he or she will almost certainly be yet another distraction thrown at us by the powers that be, in an attempt to make us follow along to the beat of their drum as we become ever more enslaved.  That applies particularly to political parties.  It’s more clear every day that we’re dealing with a Uniparty – an alliance of politicians from both sides of the political aisle, whose aim is to subject us to their whims and laws and deprive us of our freedom.  Tucker Carlson put it very well the other night.  (If you don’t want to watch the video clip below, a transcript is available here.)

We can’t rely on any elected politician to save us, or save this country.  Too many of them are not willing to actually represent the wishes of their constituents, instead regarding themselves as members of the privileged club of those who rule.  No, we’re going to have to do this without them.  We’ll have to act as individuals, and seek out like-minded individuals, and rebuild America one citizen and one family and one alliance at a time.  The rest of the world will have to do the same, because we can’t do it for them.

I can only repeat Aesop’s warning, and make it my own as well.

Anything that throws a monkey-wrench in those plans is your ally.

Anything that furthers it is your enemy.

Liberty, prosperity, and happiness are human exceptions, in all of recorded history, and sedimentary mountains of unrecorded time-space history before that.

Stop sportsball rooting for things that will never be, and pay attention to the whole board being played. While you can still have some effect on the outcome.

Note, too, that such resistance to oppression will come at a heavy price.  Some of us are already paying it (the January 6th, 2020 protestors, for example).  The rest of us will undoubtedly do so sooner or later.  Oh, well . . . we’ll be in good company.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

That’s what it’s going to take.

We’re going to have to stare the Beast straight in the eye, and with all the strength of will we can muster, simply say, “No.  I will not comply.”

Our “No” can’t be only verbal, either.  Sooner or later, it’ll probably have to become a physical as well as a verbal expression.  You’ve heard of “body language“?  Call this “body politic language”.

If enough of us do that, no matter how intimidating the Beast may try to appear, it will be left helpless.

If enough of us fail to do that, the Beast will win.

Which outcome is more likely?

I’d say that’s up to us . . . and whether we’re willing to pay the price that saying “No” will entail.



  1. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

  2. “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.” Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

    The World Economic Forum has no armies, they "Only" have an iron clad grip on the Debt Based Economics of the Western World. Between bribery, extortion and blackmail (Epstein anybody?) the WEF has turned our "Leadership" and THUS our Armies into Mercenaries that SERVE the WEF by proxy.

    Russia and China having a Resources based economy (WE think, the Chinese Sweat IIRC) so far dodged being owned by the Bankers so they must be eliminated so as the WEF put's it so nicely:

    "You'll own Nothing and BE Happy".

    “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”—Charles Baudelaire

    “The second greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he is the good guy”—Ken Ammi”

    Anybody who serves Satan, no matter their nominal "Religious" Belief system serves SATAN. So, screaming the Joos this and the (insert latest hate group here) serves nothing aside from granting Satan more anonymity.

    When I posted over at Aesop's about this:

    I think Putin is a major thorn in the WEF planning and if he can hold on until the USA is a SELF-Inflicted smoldering wreck from our own Traitors actions the WEF is stymied. They have printing presses not armies. They can only buy mercenaries.

    Aesop's reply was mildly put puzzling:

    So you postulate Putin as the ßετα, because in Russia, the apex predators there are self-cucking???
    Interesting thesis. Support for that?
    Show your work.

    Work Shown, RTWT.

    Maybe I don't understand his comment because I fail to understand his use of ßετα

    A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. James 1:8

    Please explain this odd post? He admits that WEF or other similarly named groups (so no quibbling) is destroying Russia via American Proxy. He admits the USA is heading for the trash heap.

    The Bible as a history book shows often how a nation that abandons God through sacrificing their children (Moloch and "Reproductive RIGHTS") and homosexuality (Sodom and Gomora) suffer.

    Why should America do better?

    Isaiah chapter 3 the Judgement against Judah speaks to this well. Read the WHOLE thing as God puts provisions for those the escape Sodom or otherwise don't submit to sins.

    Protect your family, get into a proper relationship with your Creator as soon enough you will meet Him.

  3. As far as expecting politicians to favor their constituents, or any sort of principles, over the State… whatever became of Ghislaine's client list?
    I've long suspected that the FBI collects dirt on any and all public figures, which can then be used to compel compliance with the State's agenda, whatever it may be at the moment (see: LBJ, trust, pecker, pocket). And the FBI has been political since before it was the FBI, as any Wobbly can tell you.
    While there would seem to be plenty of dirt on the Bad Orange Man, apparently it's all been public all along, and he's shameless enough to be nigh-impossible to blackmail: reason enough that he must be destroyed.
    It's a big club, and the members are all in positions to blackmail each other, which creates stability right up until it doesn't. Think political Mutually Assured Destruction. Now consider that some of the new members of the club don't understand how it works, and some of the old members just don't care anymore.
    As for who's pulling the strings, and who benefits… could well be nobody. Once collective madness gets started, it can work to everyone's detriment, and it's remarkably hard to steer. Certainly there are powerful individuals intentionally contributing to the madness, but they may be as deluded as the visible political class.

  4. It is nothing more than the re-establishment of a pseudo or actual feudalism and pseudo or actual monarchism across the world.

    Those in power want to rule those not in power, and despise anyone who isn't controllable. Those in power want to make sure that those not in power are tied physically to the land or the work and have no options of self-employment or self-control.

    Pseudo-feudal lords and ladies, that's what they want themselves to be. Why else would 1,500+ private jets fly to Davos to lecture us peons on saving energy and staying home and not flying? And feudal lords, except without the concept of noblesse oblige.

    Trust me. I like playing at feudalism. I do not ever want to actually live under feudalism.

  5. No MichAel, you claimed Putin was the "moderate", and the imaginary "hard-liners" in the wings would shoot him if he backed down.

    For that to be true, Putin would be the beta, and the apex predators ("hard-liners") would have to self-cuck.

    Unless we're postulating Putin as captured puppet, rather than Tsar T. Rex, which undoes every single rationale for cheering him on to date.

    I see no support for such a thesis, ever, anywhere, in human history.

    And the US proxy is only destroying Putin because he's feeding his own forces into a tree chipper all by himself.
    If he simply stops doing that, he eliminates their effect.

    Putin needs to learn the wisdom:
    When you're beating your head against a brick wall, it feels so good to stop.

  6. Aesop since I have your attention the query still stands.

    Why is the USA being used as a WEF mercenary army?

    Without the USA dumping arms and SF style Advisers (see various captured officers and idiots) into the fray Ukraine would have capitulated.

    Do you REALLY think Lithuania just up and decided to kick Russia in the groin without serious US instructions?

    And yes, Russia has Moderates and Hardliners. Putin IS a Moderate in Russia. You should look past the British Daily News now and then. Even MSN and NY Slimes has spoken of them as hazards to "Our Democracy".

    I suspect that until the USA or it's toady's use a nuke Russia will restrain. It's odd that Russia for all its EVIL EMPIRE has bomb shelters for all its citizens, food reserves for better than a year stored away (not counting this years expected harvests), has energy reserves again for two plus years and treats the whole Gay Lifestyle and such as mental diseases and not something to be granted "Equal Rights" (Read Superior Rights).

    If caring for your people like America USED to do in the 50's is evil, I'm all for it. A tree is known by its fruit. Ours seems rotten and gay.

    If Russia can hold on and keep the NATO folks honest until winter the lack of heating fuel despite the USA shipping it over as fast as possible will stop this nonsense. And like Vietnam we get PanEurope Wargames 2nd place IF we still have anything left of our maybe smoldering from riots country.

    And WEF is stymied as America is fractures and ablaze.

  7. You do realize that both law enforcement and the top levels of the military have been co-opted into playing the heavy don’t you? I’m not too worried about the military. They won’t fight Americans. Law enforcement on the other hand doesn’t know the meaning of citizen and knows no restraint when it comes to citizens. They have morphed into the bad guys.

  8. Pbbbfbfbfffft.

    Aesop gets in trouble because he thinks that snark and profanity are a substitute for reasoned debate, and he's an idiot – and as for you, you should know better too, Pastor.

    Russia wanted a place at the table. He even asked for membership in NATO at one point. The west told him he was a cheap whore and to shut up and sell them cheap oil, gas, and grain. The Donks set up a yappy barking mutt (the 'Kraine) right on his border – and they started playing fast and loose with international trade agreements. The Zelensky gov't has cost the Russians 12 billion dollars a year since the donks set him up in 2015.

    For the last 8 FRICKIN YEARS he has been telling you to do something about the Ukraine, get your troops off his borders – and play fair with the trade agreements… or else. None of that was unreasonable. But morons just like Aesop laughed and joked and told Vlad to shut up and keep the oil andgas coming. Or else.

    Welp, here you are. Your gas is closing on seven or eight bucks a gallon, inflation is going through the roof – and Joe's only concern are LBGQTETC exports. Get an electric car, morons! By contrast, Vlad is opening up trade with Asia and penetrating markets you Yanks take for granted. He is now competing with you in markets where he wanted to compete with you. In case ya haven't noticed, Vlad's currency is now the third strongest in the world. Europe is going to be facing winter soon with no gas or oil.

    You morons think you have Vlad surrounded… but – sorry fellas – the world has YOU surrounded, and they are sick and fuggin tired of your Globohomo Inc American Empire. Life is going to get a lot tougher and to be honest – you morons deserve it. The gobal elites didn't do this to you, you idiots did this to yourselves.

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