Exactly two weeks to go!


Just a reminder that our raffle for an AR-15 pistol closes on May 31st.  You’ve got just fourteen days to get your entry in, as per the rules posted earlier.  Don’t forget to allow for postal delays in doing so;  ideally, you should post your entry this week to be sure it reaches me by the deadline.

I’ve also had a number of responses requesting a raffle for a Glock pistol with an MOS slide, so that it can be equipped with a reflex (i.e. red dot) pistol sight.  I do have such a pistol in my collection, and I also have a reflex sight already mounted on it;  so I’m thinking about that as a raffle for June, after this one is over.  If you’d be interested in such a raffle, would you please let me know in Comments to this post?  (However, don’t let that stop you buying a ticket for the current raffle as well!)

Thanks for your interest and support, folks.  I appreciate it very much.



  1. As a big Glock fan, and a geri-optics competitor (that's a joke amongst us in USPSA for the Carry Optics class), I'm more than happy for a chance to add another Glock to my collection. Sad that you would have to give up one from your collection, though.

  2. My sincere apologies, but I am not interested in an AR-15 pistol, those have never appealed to me. A regular pistol, on the other hand, does.

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