Yesterday afternoon Miss D., Old NFO, aepilotjim, Lawdog and Phlegmmy headed down to Dallas to meet bestselling author and blogger Larry Correia at a book signing, and take him out to supper afterwards.  He’s a friend of long standing to most of us, so it was great to see him again.

His signing session (as always) was very well attended and took longer than planned, so it was after 10 pm before we reached the Café Brazil.  Fortunately, they’re open all night, so we didn’t have to eat in a hurry.  They didn’t have many staff on duty, so our bustling, laughing, boisterous group of 10 sort of overloaded those who were there, but they rose to the occasion.  Good food (I had the prime rib quesadilla, a combination I hadn’t previously considered), great company and better conversation.  What’s not to like?

Of course, all good things come to an end;  but it was almost midnight before we left, and we still had a 2½-hour drive to get home.  (Thanks, Old NFO, for driving both ways!)  Miss D. and I fell into bed sometime around 2.30 am, to the indignation of our cats, Kili and Ashbutt, who wanted to play after being left alone for so long.  They were doomed to disappointment, I fear . . .

I’ve just woken up, and Miss D. is still fast asleep.  She’ll have to get up soon, though, because we’re headed up to Ama-Con in Amarillo this weekend.  The North Texas Writers Association (as some have christened our little group of authors) has hired a shared table.  If you’re in that area this weekend, drop in and see us.  We’ll be selling our books, shaking hands, and distributing candy, bouncy balls and what have you.

Blogging will be a little scarce today and tomorrow, given our hectic schedule.  Normal service will be resumed on Monday.



  1. Good morning Peter. My wife and I attended last night and it was such a pleasure to meet you and your lovely wife along with LawDog and Old NFO. I had as much joy meeting you guys as I did meeting Larry Correia.

    Glad to hear you made it safely home and hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip to Amarillo. Can't wait for King's Champion to be released.


  2. I got to see Larry speak on Monday when he was in town. I haven't met him in person before. It was super cool.

  3. I was at the Austin signing. Very weird meeting someone in the flesh whom one has only "known" electronically. Part of the weirdness is the sense of false familiarity that comes from reading someone's posts for several years. I know all kinds of tidbits about Larry, but he doesn't know me from Adam.

    Got his signature, expressed appreciation for his work, then left before I could go all fanboi:-P. He's shorter in real life than my imagination had built him up to be:-).

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