Fascism comes to Canada. Next stop: the USA.


We’re watching an existential struggle for democracy in Canada right now, unfolding before our eyes.  Bear in mind that the word “existential” means “relating to human existence and experience“.  It’s not theoretical:  it’s extremely practical.  In Canada, we’re seeing a very practical conflict between democracy, freedom and the will of the people on the one hand, versus totalitarianism and tyranny on the other (words defined at the links, so we’re clear what we’re talking about).

I could spout on and on about what I think this means;  but many others have been talking as well, and I think they’ve said what’s necessary.  Here are a few of them, with snippets from longer pieces.  I strongly urge you to follow each of the links provided, and read more of what they have to say.

When Fascism Comes To America, It Will Look Like Justin Trudeau’s Canada – Legal Insurrection.

Justin Trudeau … suspended civil liberties in Canada, targeting peaceful protesters and anyone who supports them. Not because those supporters committed a crime, but because they supported the political opposition to Trudeau’s government.

Trudeau ordered all financial institutions to freeze the assets of his political opposition without court order and with full immunity from liability, and no financial asset was spared … Trudeau has weaponized and commanded the private sector to do the government’s bidding in crushing political dissent … The goal is not just to crush political dissent, it’s to crush the opposition’s spirit by depriving them of their livelihoods, ability to survive financially, and even taking their pets.

Trudeau is dangerous not just because he’s abusing Canadians, but because he is providing the wish list for crackdowns by Democrats in the U.S. … Removing the political opposition from the modern financial and technology systems is what Justin Trudeau is doing, and it’s the dream of the political progressives in the U.S. It’s already happening here, though not with the brazenness of Trudeau. The Biden administration gives cover to and enourages every one of the actions … by declaring political opposition domestic terrorists (even parents at school boards), and by broadly blurring the distinction between policial dissent and terrorism.

Trudeau’s totalitarian turn: The Canadian PM is desperate for his own 6 January moment – The American Spectator

Trudeau waited for the moment when he felt he would have enough support in the echelons of power to silence dissenters, seizing control over everyone’s bank account while he was at it.

These are totalitarian methods, not the methods of a justly governed, civilised nation. What is particularly notable in government discourse over the last couple of weeks is that Covid has become an afterthought. Nobody in power appears genuinely concerned about anything other than maintaining control and saving face … The message is plain: participation in normal life is a privilege, not a default. Only those ‘in compliance’ get to participate.

The Naked Face of New Normal Fascism – The Consent Factory

I have been describing the New Normal as a new form of totalitarianism (or fascism, if you prefer) for the past two years … The official narrative is rapidly dissolving, rendering the fascism of the New Normal visible. This is happening now because those of us who have seen it from the beginning — and have been resisting it all along — have held out long enough to run out the clock. GloboCap can’t keep the narrative going, so all they have left is brute fascist force.

Ottawa is not the end. It is just the beginning. Protests and other forms of civil disobedience are growing all around the world … That does not mean it is time to relax. On the contrary, it is time to step up the pressure. It is time to make the monster show itself, in all its naked fascist ugliness, and to force everyone to pick a side.

There are only two sides … fascism or freedom.

The Fall of Canada, The Danger in the US: Understanding Martial Law – Naomi Wolf

Parliamentarians in Canada do not seem to understand that now their former colleague, Justin Trudeau, can arrest not just truckers, whose lawful protest has been declared illegal, but also the Parliamentarians themselves. This is, sadly, the next step in this kind of drama, historically … Justin Trudeau is by definition now in fact a dictator … Historically, when a would-be dictator has reached this point in the suspension of democratic processes and has sought this level of a power grab, his arrests of the opposition’s leaders, on trumped-up charges, come next. Also arrested at this point are labor leaders, outspoken members of the clergy, and independent journalists and editors … the next stage is an edict that casts criticism of what Trudeau is doing, as a crime, or an act of violence.

At this point in a power grab, either Parliamentarians and patriotic heads of the military peacefully arrest an out-of-control leader who has sought to overthrow a democracy, or else they must be aware that history shows that their own arrests may be nigh.

I also note that we down South of the Canadian border are far from safe … the Biden administration is seeking to extend our own state of emergency … We are in a highly precarious situation in the US, when it comes to the restoration of the rule of law … The people’s mass noncompliance, the leadership of the opposition in taking on tyrants, and hopefully too the people’s quickly-mastered knowledge of their own Constitution, their own Charter of Rights, and their own legislative processes, alone can save us all.

To Serve and Protect – Bitter Centurion (a former Canadian police officer)

In one ****ing weekend, these psychotic knuckle dragging ‘shaved apes’ in Ottawa managed to do more irreparable harm to the image and institution of policing than the media, the politicians, BLM/ANTIFA, and all of George Soros’s money could in several years.

Then, these ****ing prima-donnas in the ****ing musical ride, of all places, casually laugh about it and brag about how “these protestors are gonna hear our jackboots come down” and make fun of Ms. Paulsen getting trampled by a horse….God damn each and every one of you.

It was all for nothing.

All the good work that I, and the good, honest, decent people I KNOW are out there wearing a police uniform, have put an honest effort into doing was for absolutely nothing.  Speaking for myself, a lot of the work I did, in the course of my duties, was repair already damaged public/police relations.  It was something I enjoyed doing and I did a fairly decent job at it.

But….all it took was this ****ing trash to come along and **** and **** all over that work.  And of course they did, and of course they could….because, quite obviously, that’s not the reason they put the uniform on in the first place. Clearly, they not only don’t care about the public, but believe it is their privilege to terrorize and abuse them at their whim and get paid ‘double bubble’ for it to boot.

One of these nutjobs talked about ‘living the dream’.  Right….beating the everloving **** out of people YOU SWORE AN OATH TO SERVE AND PROTECT is ‘living the dream’.  Funny, because taking down monsters like that and protecting innocent, defenseless people was always my dream.  But this is Trudeau’s Canada now, isn’t it?  Up is down, black is white.

I hope these stupid ****s all know that they’ve just turned that police uniform into a veritable bullseye.  It’s probably going to be VERY dangerous to be a cop in this country, from here on in … Public trust?  Forget about it.  It’s gone.  Those punks gleefully killed that with their fists and their truncheons.

Be in no doubt – none whatsoever – that we’re going to see the same fascist reaction to the will of the people from the powers that be in Washington D.C. (and those behind them:  the extremists, the oligarchs, and the totalitarians who’ve carefully manipulated our country into its present impasse).  Those powers are not going to meekly back down from their extremist position, because they know they’re going to be held accountable for their crimes and misdeeds if they lose power.  They’re bound and determined to prevent that, by any and all means necessary.

Terry Paulding reminds us:

Our government is a joke. We have a non-functional executive branch run by a jaded bureaucracy, angling for a Russian war to distract us from their failures. We have blatant liars in Congress, on both sides of the aisle, in it for power and money and certainly not to serve their constituents. We have willfully ignorant Supreme Court justices who refuse to properly do their jobs or even research facts. They just hold a finger up to determine the political wind. We have a Justice Department that keeps political prisoners in deplorable conditions, and we are so non-functional as a government that we can’t even find a way to end that travesty.

We have lost freedom, lost our ability to make a living in many cases, and lost our money to rampant inflation that has been caused by bad policy. Oil and commodity prices are going to keep rising. Will wages follow?

We watch as the government of Canada, once a freedom-loving neighbor, turns on its own. We watch Trudeau form a police state, taking over without effective government opposition. In the name of saving people from a virus that kills almost nobody who is healthy, we now have a great swath of humanity deprived of the right to make a living and, soon, deprived of their assets, their property, even their children and pets. Could that happen here?

January 6th is proof it could. Hyped as a major crisis, we who watched know the participants’ intent. It was mostly a peaceful demonstration of our citizens’ right to be heard. They were manipulated, ushered in, and even riled up by planted provocateurs trying to make violence happen. Our concerned citizens walked into the People’s house, through opened doors, and wandered around. Hardly more alarming than a bunch of tourists taking in the sights. Until Ashli Babbitt was murdered and some planted provocateurs started riling up people to get the desired result.

There’s more at the link.

We’re about to see this in action with the departure on Wednesday this week of the so-called “People’s Convoy“, from California to Washington D.C. (and from other points as well, all converging on Washington).  American truckers are following the lead provided by their Canadian brothers and sisters, and taking our concerns about democracy and freedom to our nation’s capital.

For an accurate, independent account of the convoy’s progress, I suggest you follow Michael Yon at the special Web site he’s established for the purpose.  A lot of the coverage, both from the mainstream media and from individuals, is likely to be biased and inaccurate.  I think Mr. Yon’s credentials as an independent, objective, accurate reporter are so well established by now as to be beyond doubt.  He’s likely to be a trustworthy source.

The thing is, the powers that be in the USA are no more willing to tolerate this level of civil disobedience and protest than Justin Trudeau and his jackbooted thugs were prepared to tolerate it in Canada.  They have to crack down on it, or watch as a groundswell of popular protest builds up until it overwhelms them.  The only question is, how will they go about it?

One quick answer comes from traffic authorities.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is partnering with Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) to conduct a major enforcement operation next week.

According to AZDPS, Operation Southern Shield 2022 will take place from Tuesday, February 22, through Friday, February 25.

“The focus of this operation is to target hazardous driving violations, conduct commercial motor vehicle (CMV) inspections, and educate drivers on safe and compliant operation in an effort to reduce crashes involving commercial motor vehicles,” AZDPS said. “Non-commercial vehicles that operate unsafely around CMVs will also be stopped.”

The blitz will be conducted on Interstate 10 from Phoenix to the New Mexico state line, and on Interstate 19 to the international border.

Again, more at the link.

If you think that the timing of this “major enforcement operation”, and its operation along the route that the People’s Convoy will follow, is purely coincidental or accidental, I have a bridge in Brooklyn, NYC I’d like to sell you.  Cash only, please, and in small bills.  What’s more, I’m willing to bet we’ll see similar “major enforcement operations” in almost every state through which the People’s Convoy will pass.  They’ll be harassed, annoyed, tormented, badgered and persecuted in every possible way.  The “inspections” can (and probably will) be slow-rolled to delay the vehicles in the convoy for hours, even days.  The slightest defect in their vehicles (“You’ve got dust on your reflectors!”) will be used as an excuse to take them off the road as “unsafe”.

Meanwhile, the organizers of the People’s Convoy are likely to find themselves personally targeted and harassed.  Their families may come in for the same treatment.  Those contributing to the convoy’s costs may find themselves targeted in the same way that supporters of the Canadian truckers have been.  Nobody knows all the ways in which the powers that be will try to interfere – but that they will try is beyond any possible doubt.  They cannot afford to allow the People’s Convoy to succeed.  It’s too great a threat to their power.  They must and will crack down.  The only question is, how far are they prepared to go?

Bear in mind, too, that many of their reactions will be “unofficial”.  If a “spontaneous” mob of Black Lives Matter and/or Antifa rioters demonstrators happen to obstruct the passage of the convoy, one can’t blame the government, can one?  (And if cops don’t show up to protect the truckers, well, they were busy elsewhere – that’s not their fault!)  And if the trucks’ tires are slashed in the process, or their brake lines cut, or other damage done, well, that’s wrong, and criminal, and I’m sure the authorities will do their best to find and prosecute those responsible.  What am I bet that they’ll “discover” local conservatives, right-wingers, “bitter clingers” and (Gasp! Shock! Horror!) white supremacists were to blame?  (Meanwhile, of course, the trucks will be officially taken off the road until repairs are complete – and what’s the betting that the parts needed to do so will suddenly and mysteriously be “delayed in transit”, perhaps indefinitely?)

As Michael Yon sums up:

I sense we are headed deeper into a more obvious civil war. As a war correspondent, I hoped this would never happen in my own country. Many Americans, Canadians, Kiwis, Aussies, and more, are finally pushing back against tyranny.

Canadian tyrants and others are responding in the way tyrants respond — more tyranny.

I find it impossible to disagree with him.  All I can say is . . . we’d better not lose.




  1. As of this moment the correct statement would be "Fascism has come to Ottawa." It remains to be seen what the Provinces and Territories do. After all, Trudescau only has so many jack boots. Additionally, the convoy forced him to move too soon as the gun turn-in deadline was in April 2022. It's far from over.

    1. It already has come to the provinces. Look at what is being done to Pastor Artur Pawlowski in Calgary, Alberta (supposedly one of the most "conservative" provinces in Canada) for keeping his church open during the "pandemic" and feeding the poor.

  2. "Operation Southern Shield"

    They want to be the military and get to do what militaries do. But instead they are police and can only dream.

    1. Total "red flag" to me.
      Could there be a more obvious doomed "buffalo jump" than this coast to coast truck convoy?
      If the feds didn't start it, they will surely co-opt it by various means in order to drive it off a cliff.
      Be the Indian, not the buffalo…

  3. Tyrants always make opposing their tyranny illegal.
    Get used to it. We're all outlaws now.
    "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."

  4. I don't understand why they are so tone and reality deaf as to drive to enemy territory – why are they doing this? The feds are just going to do a January 6th against them, since it was so successful last time.

    What would this do that a general strike on deliveries wouldn't do better?

  5. I sympathize with Bitter Centurion. There isn't enough Brasso in the world to clean the tarnish off the shield after this…

    Expect no help from that quarter. I'm sorry

  6. @BrentG: Remember the time-honored quote:

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

    Any right-thinking person must surely see that if we sit back and do nothing, the evil cabal that has stolen power in this country will not only retain it, but intensify their grip on it, until freedom becomes nothing but a distant memory.

    A "general strike on deliveries" would hurt everybody, not just the guilty. The People's Convoy is trying to be less indiscriminate in their targeting.

    Ronald Reagan said it best:


  7. Peter if after TWO Years of 15 days to "Flatten the Curve" AND Supply Line Crisis after crisis you don't HAVE a couple of weeks of food in the house…

    As I've posted elsewhere this is a Buffalo Jump. Folks will get to ENJOY 1st Class Accommodations and Recreation services JUST like our Jan 6th Folks 🙂

    BUT WAIT, There's More, PLUS, their Families will get to JOIN IN on the FUN as their family finances-Tractors and whatever are ALL Locked Up by our all too kind and Wise (barf) leadership.

    1 Week General Strike, THAT will get the point across. What are they going to DO then? Arrest ALL the Truckers, yeah even the Sock Puppets Handlers are NOT that Stupid (but I may be wrong here).

    1. Heck, how many people in hurricane central don't even keep extra food during hurricane season? Plywood yes. But always the rush to the stores for groceries.

  8. THERE ARE NO MEN IN AMERICA WHO WILL STAND AGAINST THESE DEVILS,the police gangs and military,much less all the federal agents who will gladly murder their women and children to hold on to their power,WHAT IS COMING will be the worse BLOODBATH in history,americans are to pussyifed to stand up,JUST like the canadians are,THIS ILL END IN NUCLEAR WAR ON NORTH AMERICA,when its over the men will hang their head in shame they didn't stand up to stop it,then OUR FATHER will send them to hell for being Cowards…GO WATCH THE MOVIE "THREADS",then you'll see how it ends for canada and america..a just deserved end…

  9. Is it totalitarianism if the leader is doing what the great majority of the citizens want him to do?

    This isn't merely "bad Trudeau." This is the Canadian national character on display.

    The reason they had to blockade instead of pulling a general delivery strike is because the vast majority of the truckers up there wouldn't participate, and no one would notice if a small number of truckers stopped trucking.

    I know and like many Canadians. But they're vastly outnumbered by Canadian Karens.

  10. I agree with what Bitter Centurion said. I watched the 2010 protests and riots in Toronto Ontario first hand. All the police over reach (Under Bill Blair now MP for la petite pomme de terre) was written off as a few bad apples. Now we are seeing bushels of bad apples in action in Ottawa. There were rumours of UN goons being the shock troops, but I don't believe it one second. Those thugs in uniform are our own damned citizens that were drooling for a chance to bust heads.

    Alas I have known police officers and served with them when I was in the reserves. 50/50 were good/bad, and what we are seeing is that the good have been driven out of the most critical service of protection.

    As to the Albertan pastor being arrested, it was done by the RCMP, after all the Mounties always get their man no matter the innocence.

  11. If anyone had told me pre wuflu that I would be reading Naomi Wolf and nodding in agreement, I'd have thought they needed their head examined. But yet, the link you posted is not the first time in 2022 that I've read something by her and agreed with most of it.

  12. It's not fascism, it's communism. They are opposites. Communism is globalist, fascism is nationalist, as but one example of the differences.

  13. @Zorost: I can only suggest that you re-read history. Fascism and communism are very far from opposites: in fact, they're two faces of the same coin.

  14. I think y'all have it wrong. Canada is in lockstep with Trudeau.
    Else, why hasn't there been any pushback by the rest of Canada? Any countrywide protests of invoking the emergency acts? Or extending them permanently? Of the arrests, freezing of bank accounts, towing of vehicles, trampling of people? Beatings of protesters? Vows of arrests even if protesters leave and go home? Where's the Canadian pushback from ANY of this?

  15. Turdeau controls Canadian MSM. If there are sympathetic protests in other cities (and I think that there are) there will be no news reporting of them.
    Maybe on Small Dead Animals, Bitter Centurion, Blazing Cat Fur, Rebel News, or other Canadian alternate news sources, but most Canadians seem to still rely on the CBC / MSM sources.
    John in Indy

  16. Naomi is one of a handful of Leftists who've been Red-pilled by the far-Left. The fact that so many self-identifying Democrat voters are afraid to admit as much gives me hope.

  17. I kept wondering, how the heck does Naomi write awful things one day, then sensible things the next. Until I realized Naomi Klein and Naomi Wolf are two different people :/

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