Feel like some more motoring mayhem?

If so, here’s a compilation of the ‘best’ crashes in Finnish rallies over the past few years.  ‘Best’ is relative, of course, depending on whether or not one’s in the car!

I’m betting most of those won’t buff out . . .



  1. When you have a particular area looking like a parking lot for roll overs, it might be time to admit there might be an issue with that curve.
    Just saying.

  2. Yeah, but I thought these guys drive the stages beforehand and put intended speeds in their notes. Perhaps they underestimated a little. This is what separates the champions from the also rans.

  3. It would seem that those racers overlooked an important rule: you must finish to win or place well. Those Finnish roads appear to be extremely unforgiving in their shoulder design. Putting so much as a single wheel off the road surface has a near 100% crash result.

    I notice in the various rally clips you post that most crashes are the result of greatly overcooking a corner. Expecting traction to be at 100% on every corner is unrealistic for a road course. Too many of them also have a poor sense of how fast a corner is, from making a sighting lap at reduced speed. This is a very common problem for racers of all types.

    A very common problem is racing in slow corners. You can't make time in a slow corner, but it is very easy to lose time, break something, or crash. This is the single biggest mistake made by beginners, and it is a habit that can take years to realize and overcome, if ever.

  4. What I noticed was that the spectators ran to help pretty much immediately. There's hope for the human race.

  5. This is my favorite racing genera for a reason! After a crash, involving multiple rolls and/or end-over flips, a valid course of action is "see if the car will keep moving". I also like that rally racing is just you, your car and the course; you aren't really competing with the other racers except for time.

    I'm pretty sure you have to sign a waiver to WATCH the VIDEOS of those races, much lass spectate and participate.

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