Firearms community, take note!

I’m sure readers are familiar with New York’s recently-passed SAFE Act, which places onerous restrictions on firearms ownership in that state.  With effect from April 15th, 2013, registration of so-called ‘assault weapons’ has begun.

In that regard, fellow blogger WyoThreeper issues this warning:

You definitely should not do this

Do not, whatever you do, print a bunch of these out and fill them with false info and send them in.

There are reader comments at the link, below the article.  Some helpfully include the names and addresses of certain individuals that should not be used to fill in the documents – just in case anyone was wondering.

I’d like to thank WyoThreeper for bringing this important matter to our attention.  If irresponsible gun owners were to do this, it would impose a terrible burden of administrative overhead, wasted time and effort, and monumental frustration on the poor, overworked representatives of New York’s enforcement authorities.  I’m sure that’s the last thing any of us would want to do.




  1. One might also note that nail guns, staple guns, soldering guns, and even glue guns could potentially be used for assault, but that it would be equally unhelpful for owners to register those.

  2. What I would do is change as follows: "I hereby affirm that I am not prohibited from possessing a firearm under any valid law published by state or federal agencies; since ALL laws MUST comply with constitution, as it is written, not interpreted. False statements made by any agency or officer of government are punishable as felonies under the Law Of The Land.

  3. Since we don't know what definition of "assault weapon" they are using, perhaps people who register arms should be quite generous in what they register…..and what the hell is an "antique high capacity magazine" and how do you register something without an id number?

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