Flat tire in Alaska

Found on Gab:

I’d like to see someone try to fit an inner tube to that flat tire – not to mention re-treading it!  (I suppose both concepts are foreign to those who’ve only known modern tires, that seldom [if ever] need either procedure.  Us old farts remember, though . . . *sigh*)



  1. I watch an old guy cutting new tread in lorry tyres at a yard near work, they are designed to be "re-grooved"

  2. I also remember putting an inner tube in retread tires because frequently air would leak between the casing and the cap causing part of the cap to peel off…………

  3. I worked at an OK Rubber Welders recap shop in Santa Fe many years ago. My job was cooking the tires. Nine hours a day, 30 minutes for lunch, no coffee breaks, for $47.60 take home a week. One could live on that in those days and still have five bucks for Saturday night.

  4. Or breaking the bead on a tire, and pulling the rim off and getting the inner tube out to repair the hole, and hopeing you can find the thing in the tire that punctured it. And lets not mention split rim GI truck tires.

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