Flip-flops for bird-brains

I’m mind-boggled to read about what must be the world’s most expensive flip-flops. The Daily Mail reports:

Made by Chipkos, ‘the world’s most expensive flip-flops’ feature hand-painted art by renowned LA-based artist, David Palmer. But other than that, they look pretty normal.

It’s what comes with the flip-flops that really pushes the price up, though.

Chipkos is run on sustainable principles and adopts 100 square feet of endangered rainforest for every pair of shoes – usually $58 – sold.

By buying the $18,000 pair, Chipkos pledges to adopt 100,000 square feet of rainforest ‘for the protection and preservation of land, species and natural resources.’

The beach shoes, made from raffia, recycled rubber and EVA, also come with a private meet and greet with the artist, who is known for his bright, abstract works. Then, there is the ‘two-night stay at the luxurious and eco-friendly Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills’ to consider – the plush hotel has received several green credits for its sustainable building design.

The buyer will also receive a one-of-a-kind hand painted piece of art by Mr Palmer, a mahogany wood and glass display case, a certificate of authenticity and let’s not forget the Chipkos carrying bag – which is, of course, eco-friendly.

You’ll also receive a ‘6 gram hand-made solid 18 carat eco-friendly gold Chipkos emblem by Readers Fine Jewelers in Santa Monica’ – though we’re not sure what you would do with a gold emblem.

. . .

Oh, and for any potentially interested art wearers, one word of caution: $18,000 doesn’t give you a choice in shoe size. The ‘unique’ pair of sandals are only available in a men’s size 8/9.

There’s more at the link.

I wouldn’t pay even the regular price of $58 for them, let alone $18,000!!! If anybody actually buys those things, at that price, I daresay they should also receive an instant Doofus Of The Day award!


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