For musical firearms enthusiasts with a lot of money


It may be heretical of me to say so, but I’ve never particularly liked Elvis Presley’s songs.  They just don’t appeal to me.  Nevertheless, he’s probably among the top five iconic American singers of the past century, and looks set fair to remain at that pinnacle long after I’m dead.

It seems he was also a firearms enthusiast.  Two of his engraved, inlaid revolvers were auctioned in 2017.  Click either image for a larger view.

There’s more at the link.

I’ve no idea what price they’d fetch today, but I’d be surprised if it’s less than six figures apiece.  That German engraving job is world-class by any standards, and the gold inlay is spectacular.

Er … since Elvis was a musician, dare I suggest that his revolvers would be a note-worthy acquisition?  They’d lend tone to any collection!



  1. I've read that Hank Williams Jr. is a Colt Peacemaker model expert. That was quite a while ago, but I wouldn't doubt it.

  2. IIRC, he wasn't averse to giving guns as presents to noteworthy people. President Nixon might have been one.

  3. As much as I like collectible firearms I've never been a big fan of this type of thing. I've got some real collectibles including a really nice pre 64 Winchester Model 70 30.06 with some custom engraving. I take it out hunting. That's what it's for. If I had those revolvers I'd have them out at the range putting rounds throught them. Since I've never sold a gun in my life the market value of them doesn't mean much to me. Just my view of things but I've told my sons that when I'm gone they can do whatever they feel like with the collection.

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