1. "Frozen North" is now anything above I-10.

    And that jeep trick…illegal, even in free states. In New York, that's probably a death penalty offense.

  2. We used to call that 'ski jouring'. Other methods included taking the hood off the '52 Buick, tieing a rope to the center frame and get towed in slewing fashion to cause the hood to hit the banks and we'd get 'air'. Ofttimes we'd have two hoods going, or just two ski jouring together. Was great fun slamming into each other, seeing who could knock the other over the bank.
    Illegal? Who gives a shit what the fed does that infringes on our rights to have harmless fun.
    Stupid? Perhaps, but not as stupid as doing drugs and certainly much less harmless. Of course, we were country kids and knew what was in the snowbanks: snow, maybe a dash of gravel early in the year.
    In later life, when we had some money- post our tours Over the China Seas- we'd get together and do the same thing on lakes with skiis. Eventually we discovered snowmobiles would go really fast and what kind of red blooded American boy can resist speedand the feel of the wind in his hair, the challenge of jumping high over banks of piled snow?
    Ah, yes, the days… difficult to have that kind of fun now.

  3. Oh lawd! He's in touble now!

    In New Yawk, one needs a HELMET for everything, motorcycles, bicycles, even recumbent tricycles (!@%@$!). Before long, we'll have to don helmets for walking.

    He's gonna get tickets.

  4. > We used to call that 'ski jouring'.

    Hmm. In southeastern Michigan we called it "bumper skiing." (And it was illegal, IIRC.) Any other regional variants out there?

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