For Oleg’s friends – Gremlin is in trouble

Those who know the photographer Oleg Volk (a decades-long friend of mine) will also probably know his cat Gremlin, who adopted him more than a decade ago, and rules his life with an iron paw.

Sadly, Gremlin got into a fight with something bigger and more bitey than himself a few days ago.  He’s in a bad way in kitty hospital.  Right now, it’s unclear if he’ll pull through.

His treatment and recovery is going to cost a lot, and Oleg’s asking his friends to help.  He’s set up a GoFundMe to cover some of the costs.  Needless to say, Miss D. and I have already contributed.

If you know Oleg, and you’d like to help, please click over to the GoFundMe page and do what you can.  Gremlin’s a worthy cause, IMHO.



  1. Just donated.
    Also giving more thought to cat-safety issues, as the move to a rural area approaches. At least our cats aren't (despite their origin) accustomed to having the run of the outdoors, so a fenced playground is an option.

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