For a sneak peek . . .

. . . at the corner of our new living-room in Texas, take a look at Old NFO’s post this morning.  He helped Lawdog and another buddy to scrape and prepare the concrete floor for the installation of laminate flooring over the next few days.

Thanks, NFO!  Given your bad back, and the fact that you’re still settling into your own home, that was truly going above and beyond the call of duty.  Miss D. and I will have to find you a nice bottle to compensate you for your efforts.  (We’ll do the same for the others, of course, but given your rarefied tastes in uisge beatha, we’ll make a special effort.)



  1. One last trip to Frugal McDoogal's before leaving Nashville town perhaps?
    I've heard one can make exceptional purchases of exotic liquors across the border in Mexico, though bringing it back home can be an issue.
    Don't know how close your new abode is to the southern border, but much as I used to enjoy the occasional foray across many years ago I don't recommend it these days. And if you do decide to visit for the sweet Lord's sake scrub your vehicle and yourself carefully. Being caught with even one live round of ammo can get you an experience with the Napoleonic Code you really don't want.

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