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… there’s a new anthology available from the North Texas Troublemakers (the new name we’ve adopted for the North Texas Pilots, Shooters and Writers Association, after many new trades joined us and the old moniker was getting out of hand) and some of our friends.  It’s “Tales Around the Supper Table, Volume 2“.

This follows last year’s popular and successful Volume 1.

Both my wife and I have stories in this collection.  Mine’s the introductory chapter to a new book (and a new series) of nautical fiction, set during the US Civil War.  It’s a new departure for me, and one that I’ve greatly enjoyed researching and writing.  You can look for more about it later this year.  Miss D.’s is a hoot – a veteran NCO is forced to become a mentor for a very young, very inexperienced, very alien newlywed couple aboard an even more alien spaceship.  Think “Gunnery Sergeant has to care for fluffy bunnies in space”!  I loved it.

I recommend both collections to you.  There’ll probably be more to follow.


(Speaking of writing, look for exciting news – at least for me! – on Saturday, in the first ‘Saturday Snippet’ excerpt for 2022.  Publication is imminent!)


  1. Sounds good, Peter. Question – is Lawdog aboard? Is he okay? I was hoping to see a New Year's blurb from him. I develop attachment to writers I enjoy and follow, like you guys…

  2. Miss D.'s story reads like a real hoot – Gunny does some field instruction, but when the furball settles he's got a bigger job to do. Some things never change!

  3. Really enjoyed both yours and your wife's stories, can't wait to read the whole civil war book and curious if she's gonna expand on hers.

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