1. A forklift operator at a major grocery store chain's HUGE distribution center in Richmond, CA ran his lift too high down the paper goods aisle. The lift hit an overhead light fixture, which fell and ignited the TONS of toilet paper under it. The resulting fire burned for TWO WEEKS, completely destroying the distribution center! The last time I passed that fire, there was a huge pile of glowing coals in the middle of it. Yup; that was what was left of the charcoal briquet aisle… …Single point of failure…

  2. Single points of failure: Putting all your eggs in one basket is putting all your begs in one ask it…

  3. I was off the day someone managed to knock over a rack at the plastics plant, but I still kinda wish I'd been in the building for it.

    Wasn't product, or supplies.

    A rack full of *steel molds* to make parts.

    I expect that that would have been well audible over the machinery and hearing protection.

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