Forthcoming books: I’d appreciate your input, please

As regular readers will know, I suffered a heart attack (my second) late last year.  I’m recovering fairly well from it, but with one ongoing problem.  The extra medication I’ve been prescribed in the short term (added to the other pills I take for other, long-term problems) is messing with my creative mind.  I’m finding it very hard to produce fiction of a quality acceptable to me (let alone my readers).  I hope that’ll solve itself after mid-year, when I stop taking the problem medication, but until then it’s a pain in the proverbial.

I need the income I derive from my books to keep body and soul together.  (I’ve avoided monetizing this blog, for example;  there are no advertisements, and I don’t have a “tip jar” icon in the sidebar.)  However, if I’m not writing books, I can’t earn income from them.  It’s going to be a good four or five months before I’m in a position to publish one, I think.  You see my problem.

I’m trying to think of ways to get “over the hump” financially, so to speak.  One that I’m considering would be to mount a fundraiser, asking loyal readers to “buy ahead” and give me money up front for a certain number of books.  A small donation would entitle the donor to a free copy of the next book;  a larger one to the next two or three books;  and an even larger one to paper, as well as electronic, copies of the books.  I could also include some “stretch goals”, where a sizable donation would entitle the giver to have their name (or names) used as the hero and/or villain in a future book.

What do you think, readers?  Would this interest you?  If so (or even if not), please let me know in Comments, so I can judge whether or not this is a good idea.

I can also put a “tip jar” button in the sidebar, of course.  I’m a little reluctant to do that, but times are tight.  I don’t want to ask for outright gifts:  that would be wrong, I think.  However, minor donations at the whim of a reader, in return for the information and entertainment offered by this blog, won’t offend my sense of ethics, because I won’t be asking for “something for nothing”.  What do you think of the idea?  Again, please let me know in Comments.

Thanks for your input.



  1. Do it all Peter. I get value from your blog and would be willing to throw a few $ your way, it wouldnt be charity. I would be willing to pay in advance for your books too.

  2. I don't see anything wrong with either idea. A tip jar and a goal driven fundraiser are both good ideas.

  3. Addition, you provide a quality product. Your blog has been my first read for the entire time I have been reading stuff online. I’ve been reading your books so long some of them are on nook.

  4. Peter,

    If you knew that you could provide chapters (even one or two a week) consistently, then you might want to consider Patreon. You could release chapters with a little editing like once a week and the bigger the donation the sooner the chapter is available. So the largest donation type would get that weeks chapter as soon as its released for example, but a lower tier might be two or three weeks behind the bleeding edge. Donating a certain amount a month may allow an ecopy of the book, a larger amount the physical copy, etc.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Mr. Grant:
    I enjoy your books and would willing buy ahead. I also enjoy your blog, and I usually find your postings interesting, and often amusing. I would be willing to hit your tip jar on occasion to allow for more from you in the future.

    A retired CPO

  6. As Glenn Reynolds likes to say, "embrace the healing power of 'and.'"

    Put the links up, I'll click them.

  7. Tip jar is a good idea. I will say that I've had a 'tip the author' button for years and it's only been used once or twice. Now, given that you have a larger readership than mine, still. Don't forget it's there, and remind readership of it gently from time to time if you want it to bear fruit. Also. You put a lot of time and effort into the blog. Being tipped for that is a sign of appreciation from people like me who value your insights and sense of humor.

  8. I empathize with the whole medication doing ones creative voice in, but you may want to think about Patreon: it allows your followers to subscribe with a monthly amount.

    The pros are it would help plan your finances.

    Cons: it's requires setting up a page.

    Then I'd suggest you post your blogs there first.

    I don't know, it might be a bust.

  9. I would buy your books in advance.
    In addition, if you put together all your articles on firearms and self-defense, they would make a nice book!

  10. Do what you like. Just keep writing as i have enjoyed your articles for a number of years. I enjoy your perspective of world and US events. You've been there and done that. Keep writing.

  11. I'd gladly pay in advance. Your job will be to keep your ass alive and keep writing. I think a lot of us would be happy to help in whatever ways we can.

    Thanks for years of good books and a great blog – so where IS that tip jar?

  12. John C Wright has done crowdfunding on his latest book. Might reach out to him and ask him for some advice.

    You could also do a Patreon. Sell a chapter a month to supporters.

  13. While I love your books and would be happy to pay forward for future copies.

    That said, I don't come to your blog to find out what books are coming and whatever comments you make about them.

    I come to read your pity comments and opinions on the state of the world we all live in.

    My suggestion – tip- jar first, while you figure out if you want to go the Patreon model or what.

  14. No reason why you can't do use multiple methods. Add a tip jar, research Patreon and Kickstarter or GoFundMe, try each of them and modify as you like. I cheerfully pay $5/month to a webcomic writer whose family has had health issues over the last few years, and a retired British sailor who makes fun and informative YouTube gaming videos. I'll cheerfully add you.

  15. Will books 3 & 4 of the Ames Archives become available in paperback, or are they only going to be e-books?

  16. @Mrs. S: They are already out in paperback. If your initial Amazon screen doesn't show them, just click on the "Show all editions" tab and you'll see them listed.


  17. I tried that just a bit ago. The Ames Archives 3rd and 4th books in paperback seem to be unavailable, perhaps they ran out. After my purchase, book two only has two copies in stock, and book one has six. Perhaps they need to do a reprint soon.

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