1. IMO cats are domestic creatures, they do a couple of jobs for us and give companionship. Feral cats are another thing. I've known people who kept barn cats, cats that just show up, they get them fixed, leave food and water and the cats hang out and keep the rodent population down.
    If the feral cats breed unchecked they become a problem, wiping out all the catchable creatures (like the birds) is just part of the problem.

  2. Aw, Southmoon had that sort of fierce look when she and her littermates turned up in the blueberry patch, years ago.
    Now she's cute & cuddly. Unless one of the other cats gets too close to her. Or we take her to the vet, in which case she goes full mountain lion – 100 pounds of fierce in a 14-pound package! (She's been successfully intimidating vets since she was a tiny fuzzball.)

  3. We took on a feral kitten 40 years ago, after the first ten days she spent hiding on the heat exchanger of our refrigerator and venturing out to Ifeef only when we were not around, I donned gloves, hauled her out and stroked her gently till she accepted it,doing the slow blink thing cats do to signify trust . Over the years she grew into the gentlest, most loving kitty, adored our babies when they arrived, tolerated any degree of toddler attention. It's probably way harder starting with an adult cat though.

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