Fraud, obstructionism and defiance: the appalling state of America’s voters’ rolls


American Thinker started doing what it calls “voter anomaly analysis” for “one large, Midwestern swing state”.  They’ve now completed 15 states, and are looking to double that or more.  What they’ve found is infuriating, and staggering in its scope.

We have now finished state 15, on the way to 30 or more; we can say with certainty that the Secretaries of State are unlikely to lead voter roll clean up.  In many states, they thwart it with flagrant data tricks.

Let’s take you through our excellent adventure working with voter integrity groups across the country.  You need to understand their dedication, resilience, and the odds they face when the reddest states’ Secretary of State is in on “it.”

“It” means they know their voter rolls are replete with phantoms, but they deny it, evade it, some hide it.  Let’s go there.

Most people have downloaded a file.  It’s easy.

Except if you live in a swing state on the southeast U.S. coast — and the file came from the Secretary of State’s office.

When you process the file, it contains about every way of screwing up your search capability.

For instance:  it is supposed to be comma delimited but it isn’t.  It has non-ASCII characters embedded.  That means search engines will flail with no result.  It has half quote marks which means there is no end of quote so it will not process.  There are nonsensical control characters throughout the data set.

This is deliberate data sabotage, intended to make it almost impossible for citizens using traditional tools to parse the data paid for with their taxes.

This example is a Republican Secretary of State in effect saying: “well, if I have to give you the voter roll, here it is, now just try to search it!”

Unfortunately for this guy, our team uses Fractal Programming and while it set us back half a day, that data is cleaned and in the hands of citizens who want to get some answers.  They will.

Let’s visit another eastern seaboard state.

These diligent citizens downloaded their Secretary of State data and innocently tried to process it.

Within minutes of loading the data, all the lights went on.  Control characters throughout the data deliberately inserted to thwart conventional search.

This is an example of active data sabotage from the sovereign entity – Secretary of State – making it hard or impossible for citizens to see the voter rolls.

It gets better.  We presented data anomalies to some Republican secretaries of state; they got to see their “voter data,” live and in person.

Be the fly on the wall.

The Secretary of State for a bright red Southern state is assembled with his entire team.  Lawyers all over the place, us presenting.

First, we showed the 4,300 people over 100 years old on their rolls.  Some were 121.  Those were the kids.  The really old ones were almost 2,000 years old, and there were a bunch of them – and they voted.

To my surprise, one of their guys got right in my face (a camera really, I was remote) and denied we had their rolls.  He claimed only 300 people over 100.  His face was crimson with anger.  He had this roll of paper in his hand – maybe their scammy voter roll, who knows?

Tough being him because our team bought their voter registration roll for $30,000 and I had their data live, in his face.  Did make an impression.

We then showed them the “girl’s ranch.”  Here is a place in the woods for young ladies to get attention and care.  Focus on “young” and “ladies.”

They said, no big deal, there were 45 people registered there.  They knew the owner, it’s OK.

We swept right and showed the names of the “young ladies.”  15 were men.  Then we swept further right and sorted by age.  Most were 61 to 35.  Some “young.”  Some “ladies!”

How about the 21 active voters in the county jail in their largest city?  You would think that made an impression?  It did, but not enough to look into it.

For the first time the sleepy sinecure — the stepstone to Congressman, Senator, or Governor – the Secretary of State office is getting checked out.

And they do not like it.

They liked it even less when they learned two weeks later, their data was turned over to the canvassing teams in their deep red state now doing the job the Secretary of State refuses to do – clean up voter rolls – with technology that makes voter rolls transparent to citizens.

A Secretary of State may be all in on voter fraud.  In deep-blue states, we found leftist groups with real-time electronic access to voter rolls able to enter voters – real or fake.

In deep-red states, we found 18 registered voters living in a house the size of a panel truck.  We did not find one or two, we found hundreds, meaning there are thousands.  The canvassing groups are outing them.

We found 23,000 people claiming the same phone number on their voter registration form – for over 30 years.  Some extended family!

We found people registering from a UPS Box calling it an apartment.

Canvassers found absentee ballots, hundreds of them with the same phone number, delivered on the same day.  We checked the address:  it was a cognitive care facility where many of those voters were unable to remember their children’s names, let alone vote.

Welcome to ballot harvesting at enterprise scale.

Voter rolls are a mess – all of them.

There’s more at the link.

I think this is ESSENTIAL reading for everyone who values honest, free, fair elections.  The scale of the abuse is staggering.  Please click over to the article and read the rest:  then, if you’re as concerned about this as I am, get involved with a canvassing team in your state to help uncover and resolve such issues in your own back yard.  The more we deal with now, the less the opportunities for ballot fraud in the next elections – and the elections after that.

Congratulations and a big BRAVO ZULU to American Thinker and its team of investigators.  They’re rendering all of us a valuable public service.



  1. "…The Secretary of State for a bright red Southern state …"

    I followed the link to the American Thinker post – NAME THE STATES. Allowing government officials to hide behind euphemisms does a disservice to the citizens, and the process of correcting the failures.

    I'm hopeful that the corrected – and searchable – data will be made available to the public so Joe and Jane Citizen can see exactly who is destroying the system and how.

  2. Some of that might just be gross incompetence, possibly by various earlier keepers of ancient databeese.
    And: when I hear about a 2000-year-old person in a database, and it isn't Mel Brooks, my first thought is that the date of birth was entered with only two digits and didn't get flagged nor cleaned up.

    1. Almost certainly the supposed "sabotage" is the result of fumble-fingered bureaucrats who never had their work checked.

      The rest is probably a combination of a failure to do proper due diligence, criminal incompetence, and some malfeasance. The notion that they're ALL "in on it" doesn't pass the plausibility test, simply because someone would have blabbed.

  3. Texas!

    Same issue is happening in Texas.

    I know the people involved and have assisted them with researching the Texas voter rolls for the 2020 election. I'm not involved with the current legal issues, but I know they are ongoing.

    Note: This is a "third rail" issue for elected officials and media. No one wants to admit that there is a good chance that everything is illegitimate.

  4. Maybe we can ask election officials from Rwanda … or Papua New Guinea … to come in and fix things for us? Surely it cannot get any worse, might get better?

  5. Yeap, all good and proper and such….but what will come of it? What are the "legal" steps that must be taken to cleanse the rolls?
    I don't think that a blue haired elderly lady working in the anteroom of the sec of state will be allowed to clean up the rolls.
    Who then, will be allowed?

  6. Never attribute to incompetence, that which can be adequately explained by malicious evil. The original quote has it backwards. These people aren't incompetent. They're evil. Full stop.

  7. The article was a great read and I’m hopeful on what is turning up.

    The situation with voter rolls is worse than I expected, but it’s great it’s being exposed to sunlight.

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